Friday, January 6, 2012

Back On The Grind

       With Holidays behind us a sad phenomenon approaches, real life. Yes that sad moment where you have to leave home and go back to school, or your 2 week vacation from work is coming to a close, whatever your case may be the time has come to face real life head on and get back on the grind. Before we start, let's define terms for those not in the know:

      Grind: is a term used in video gaming to describe the process of engaging in repetitive and/or boring tasks not pertaining to the story line of the game (thanks wikipedia). The term was made popular by games like World Of Warcraft that required so much grinding to take place in order to get things done within the game. WOW became a social phenomenon among all types of people and eventually earned a place within many rappers' daily vocabulary, hence "I'm on the grind" or "I gotta get back in the grind" became common among the populace. In conclusion, when someone says "let's get back to the grind" many things are meant, WOW made the line of usage blur a bit by making the term common place and an ok thing. There are many different speculations as to where the term originated, for example Cracked has another take and does not mention the WOW phenomenon, thus proving the elusive origins of the word. Made easy, "back to the grind" just means "back to work", now you know, and that's half the battle. Back to the article.

      Leaving family is never fun, though at the same time being with family is not always easy, there are many good memories to be made but there are also some discussions, tough times and so on. In the end when it comes to family it is all worth it though, the good the bad, the easy times and tough times, all of them in conjunction provide us in the end with people that love us, know us, encourage us, and will always be there for us. Family is not an easy thing to hold together as well, it takes work, tons of work, by all the members within the family, the end result though is worth everything. If you are leaving home to go back to work, or school don't forget to give your family a hug and tell them you love them and will miss them, a kind word goes a long way.

      As 2012 starts we encourage you to face this year with a new goal, a goal of success, while remembering that success comes in different shapes and sizes. Not everyone will be a millionaire, that does not determine success, in fact many millionaires have failed miserably at life, thus what we mean by success is this, live a life worth re-living. Live a life of love, meaning be kind to those around you, work hard on doing a good job at work, try to be nice to people even those that treat you like garbage. This does not mean take those people's crap, nah, just don't retaliate, and stay away from them instead of engaging in warfare against them. Try to live in peace with those around you, it's not an easy thing, and we fail at it just like everyone else, success is not measured by how many times you fall, but by the amount of times you get back up and try again, so go and make this year count, make this year be a success filled year.  

      We want to extend a warm wish of good luck to everyone applying to colleges, graduate programs or even those seeking after jobs, know that our prayers go out to you, that you may get into the programs you want and find the jobs you need. Remember to smile more, be it by watching funny movies online, or going to a theater, hanging out with close friends, whichever, just remember to add more fun to your day, take a load off and don't focus too much on anxiety, instead focus on all the blessings you see within your life, all the good things you can be thankful for, and try to smile more. Never underestimate the power of a smile.

      We hope you have a great Friday, and a glorious weekend,

Love from your humble blogger,

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