Friday, November 30, 2012


                                      “Dancing with the Stars” delivers its best season yet.

                                            Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani receive the 
                                                                 Mirrorball Trophy

The much - touted season 15, featuring the All Stars cast, did not disappoint. Of course one can question why some contestants were even there (Pamela Anderson?) and why others were glaringly absent (Jennifer Grey?) but all in all the show turned out to be one of the best ever. Kudos to all participants!!

If you’ve never watched, this show pairs off a professional ballroom dancer with a celebrity partner who may or may not have any dance background. Some clearly do (Season 15 All Star winner Melissa Rycroft) and others clearly don’t (season 5 Mark Cuban). Still, the crazy mix of celebrities is a lot of fun. Each week, viewers eliminate a couple (or two) until three are left to compete for the trophy. Dance styles (samba, fox trot, quick step etc.) are imposed on the couples. And, if you are like me, not knowing who these “celebrities” are beforehand, you will definitely know and appreciate them by the end of the show.

I’m always amazed at the celebrity contestants who, despite some rocky beginnings, turn out such good performances. . Sure not all of them can overcome having two left feet but the entertainment factor is always there. Others will surprise you, like All Star contestant  and former football star Emmitt Smith. That man can dance! The professional partners are not going easy on them either. Choreography is getting increasingly challenging so that this is no walk in the park. 

So congratulations to all the celebrities and their pro partners for a terrific season. What will I do with my Monday nights now!

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