Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"The Amazing Spider-Man" Lives Up To Its Name

      As the credits rolled up and the lights began to be turned back on in the movie theater, there was only one word that came to mind, wow. This movie was not only really good, it exceeded every expectation that had been previously been put on it, this is by far the best Spider-Man movie ever made, even when in comparison with "Spider-Man 2". As a nerd some things need to be said first, the movie does take many liberties, so if you are a comic book purist just prepare yourself right now, I'm not a purist so it didn't bother me too much but various people around where making remarks after the movie, it doesn't take away from the epicness of this movie, but the warning had to be made.

     This Spider-Man movie is not concerned with being an "action only" movie, this movie was concerned with telling a story, the story being what made Peter Parker become Spider-Man. The evolution from being weak to gaining strength, from being immature and beginning to gain some wisdom, that was where the movie shone. The film took great effort in depicting this process carefully and meticulously so that you understand as a viewer that becoming Spider-Man was no cake walk, that it took days of exercise, of testing out powers, of personal tragedy, that made Peter Parker be able to finally grow up and become the hero we have all come to love.

    The greatest thing about this movie is that throughout the flick you can't help but get giddy at seeing the Peter Parker from the comics get put on the big screen, this is the Peter we love, the trash talking tragic hero who is but a boy in the end of the day. That was a huge critique of the first Spider-Man film that was done with Tobey Maguire, the fact that he did not look, act, behave, or resemble an awkward high school student, that was a major flaw, but on this movie we get to experience his evolution, him coming to his powers, him understanding the responsibility he possesses and the fact that in the end of the day he's a young immature teen trying to do some good while making mistakes all along the way, these are all depicted brilliantly in the flick.

   Mad props should be given to Rhys Ifans who played Dr. Curt Connors, depicting The Lizard and not making it look silly is a tough tough thing to do. Rhys is a brilliant actor and it was awesome to see him play this very difficult role so well, selling the whole experience to the audience. The director's choice of going with the character Gwen Stacy instead of Mary Jane was awesome, it follows the original story well and made me happy, but her being played by Emma Stone was legendary, Emma is amazing, not only does she play the role well but she is also very important in Peter's evolution, the casting of Emma Stone here was a fantastic move.

   Andrew Garfield also deserves tons of praise for his performance as Spider-Man, he was quirky, goofy, and sold the character ridiculously well. Peter Parker is not a cool kid, he's always a tragic hero who gets burned over and over again even though he's doing his best to save the world and while this all is going on he is still filled with witty banter and aided in his journey by good friends and the women who push him to be better than he is. This is where saying that this is the best Spider-Man movie ever made is no stretch, for this is the most "real" out of all the films, this one is the one that sells the character and truly shows Peter Parker's personal growth, his personal evolution, so brilliantly.

      In more than one scene I got goosebumps all over and in one particular scene I almost broke into tears, this movie will move you, it will inspire you and it will make your day. When you leave this movie you'll come out of the theater with a new perspective on the Spider-Man story, especially if you have never read any of the comics, which you should if you get a chance for they are awesome, this was a successful reboot for sure. Ah, I could talk more and more about this movie, it was just so awesome. For the sake of brevity this post will end here, but do go watch this flick, it fully deserves your attention.

    Love from your humble blogger,

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