Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blogger Unplugged: "Pet Peeves"

Disclaimer: The video bellow contains some curse words, so if you are offended by cursing do not watch the video. Scene taken from the movie "Shoot 'Em Up", an amazing ridiculous action movie satire, fantastically obnoxious movie. So you've been warned. The article in the other hand is PG thus you may skip ahead if so you choose.

    I find myself on the highway almost everyday, speed limit being about 65 mph and everyone going in between 70 mph and 80 mph, which is the norm. I live in Florida which does not have a good fame about it's driving, and for good reason, we have a lot of older drivers in the road, and also people that should never have gotten their licenses make things fun as well.
    In order to survive within the Florida highways one must always watch not only what the person in front of you is doing, but also the people around you and around them, and also accept that impossible catastrophic maneuvers will be attempted by the people around you and it is your job to get out of the way or pay the consequences of their actions, which are never good.
    With all that said there is one thing that gets to me above it all, I hate, hate with a capital H, people that drive like maniacs and don't have the courtesy of the blinker, even those that just don't use their blinker normally annoy me. It's a simple science, if you are going over 50 mph you should automatically assume that using the blinkers in the highway might be a good idea, that is, if you are sane.
    Now if you are one of the people that don't use your blinker while on the highway please don't take this post to heavily, I only dislike your driving, not you, thus don't take this post to heart.
    I think more people should use their blinkers and thus avoid needless accidents. Though I have never gotten in an accident due to people's lack of courtesy of the blinker, probably due to the fact that I've played to many video games in my life and have awesome reflexes (I humbly joke here), I feel as though I've had a few heart attacks caused by the non-blinker drivers going 90 mph and just coming in your lane thinking that it's your job to see and avoid them at all times.
    It all erks me, and yes, this is one of my biggest pet peeves.

   What is your biggest pet peeve? What do you think about "non-blinker" drivers?
       Leave a comment bellow and tell me what you think,

   Love from your humble blogger,



  1. This was hilarious, I haven't seen that movie but will give it a look now. I agree with you, this is def a bgi issue.

  2. "Non-blinker driver"May 19, 2011 at 3:33 PM

    I lol'ed quiet a bit reading this article, good job. I forget to use my blinker sometimes and my daughter makes a big deal about it every time, so I know all about your frustration. Keep writing :)

  3. XD awesomeness!

  4. Rob: glad you enjoyed it ^_^

    Non-blinker: *shakes fist* how could you?! lol, glad you like the article. I yell at my father all the time for this so funny how people are alike.

    Anonymous: thanks ^^