Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ellen DeGeneres A Living Legend

     Often times comedians forget that they don't have to insert curse words after every other joke in order to be funny, many stand up comics are all about the shock factor and the poking fun on everyone and everything as dirty as possible, which we find to be very unfortunate. There is one light among the darkness though, one comic that stands above others, that does not rely on curse words or vulgarities in order to be funny but relies on wit and delivers material that we all love, this person is no other then Ellen DeGeneres.

    There is something about Ellen, something different that allows her to stand apart from everyone else while succeeding and being loved by everyone, it's unfathomable how even people that do not watch her show know of her and think she is awesome, that is no easy feat to accomplish. Be it within a movie, a tv show, and for the last few years hosting her own talk show, men and women come together to watch Ellen, loving everything that she is about and all that she does.

    In fact even among the "tough guy" act where anything you do is considered girly, watching Ellen is an accepted thing, this is not a general rule but something we have come to find out as of late that surprised us. Ellen's brilliance and swagger demand our attention and respect, she is not only super talented but is incredibly nice. The nice thing here is important, here is a woman who could by all means be a little mean, but decided to just be awesome 24/7, that is something to be commended.

    Her stand up is a work of art, if you have not seen any of her work you should definitely drop your plans for tonight and go watch it, it'll be sure to make you cry of laughter. It's astounding how she doesn't need to rely on the shock factor, or vulgar jokes in order to be funny, we know we've said that a few times but think about every stand up comedian's bit as of late, now think about all the latest funniest movies, do any of them not contain vulgarity and cursing? The answer is simple, they all do, all of them, thus when Ellen comes around and gives us something funny that can be appreciated by everyone, it truly is a feat that should be recognized and praised by all.   

       Another huge deal with Ellen is her continued strive to better the world, we're talking a fight against racism, bullying, prejudice, cancer, and equal rights for all. Ellen has been a voice behind many movements, some of those would not exist without her backing, and some would not have been noticed without her support, this is a woman deserving of our respect. She is constantly trying to make the world a better place for all, and this is something that she does for the world and not for fame, many celebrities do all these things for fame, but Ellen would do them even if she was not famous and thus deserves our love.

     Ellen has recently released a book last year that many loved, if fact there are many people that don't read at all that picked up that book, read it from cover to cover, and loved every second of it. It was pure wit, a book consisting of musings, random thoughts and experiments, "Seriously...I'm Kidding" was a solid comedic read and one we would recommend to all. If you drive and love audio books the book is available in audio format as well and read by Ellen herself, which can make any bad drive a good one.

     Recently JCP had this brilliant idea to have Ellen do some commercials for them, what a brilliant idea that was, a masterful move by JCP. The commercials all have Ellen observing something about the present and wondering "has it always been this way?" and traveling backwards through time to poke fun at stores that do not have all the benefits JCP does, though it is done tastefully and witty, allowing the commercial to not be a knock on the competition as much as it is raising awareness of how awesome JCP can be to the public, a rather brilliant move.

    There is much more we could say about Ellen, we could go on and on, but alas this post must come to an end. We recommend you check out her show and her book, both are funny and tasteful, something hard to find these days.

     We hope this week has been going well for you, and may it finish gloriously,

Love from your humble blogger,

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