Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall Shows To Watch And To Avoid Part 3

     This last run of shows is pretty decent, well except for one, and for the most part have not disappointed yet. There is a problem here though, the issue is clear, a big mess up could still happen. You never know when CW is going to decide to ruin a show due to ratings being lower than they expect by adding High School teenage angst to the show, it has happened before and I'm sure it will happen again. During times like these the only thing one can do is cross their fingers and hope that the networks allow the writers to do their thing and make something that seems to be good become freaking awesome.


   I'll say this over and over, I was against this show from the beginning. The British show "Sherlock" is so good, like freaking brilliant. Why they had to copy that idea and make a butchered "American" version of the show is beyond me but alas they did. Even though I had a twisting sick feeling at the pit of my stomach as I watched the pilot I have to admit that "Elementary" was rather well done. There are some basic changes in the plot that will take some getting used too. If you are like me and read the books as well, the gender changes annoys you as much as it did me, but again, judging the show just by the pilot I think that there might be some hope here, nothing can be said for sure yet, we'll just have to wait and see.


   CW shows are a difficulty sometimes, no way around it. There is a framework that follows each show in their network, the teenage angst and love triangles always come into the picture. Some shows though have escaped the full explosion of horrible that CW can be and surprised everyone, I think "Arrow" has the potential to become one of those shows. The pilot was a lot of fun and though you could tell that CW included some of their "CW plot points" in there they were not overwhelming, allowing the story to progress well and be entertaining. This is another show that can be something great but there is no telling if it will be or not. As far as comic book accuracy, well, it's a CW show, brace yourself.

  Beauty And The Beast

    There's not much to say here. Even before this show was released everyone knew that this show was going to overflow with cheese and hit on every teenage stereotype in order to attempt to be popular. Even the trailer for the show was silly. I love the line in the trailer when she goes "Why did you save me?", he replies "You remind me of what I used to be", she counter replies sheepishly "a doctor?", and with a stern man voice he responds "No, human". I actually laughed when I saw that, it's so over the top it hurts. The pilot hurt to watch, I will never review this show again, I'm sorry if you are a fan but one episode was enough. I think this show will die after a season, or I guess I hope that it does, even the commercials annoy me.

   Last Resort

   This show was a mixed bag at first. I saw the pilot and was intrigued by it but didn't know how it would last in the long run. Now after a few weeks I think that this show has true promise, here is a show you should definitely give a chance to. I think "Last Resort" is right up there with all the other good new shows that were released. It's a challenging topic to bring up around times of war as well and I really love the cast involved with this project. The problem I foresee is how they will keep the series going for more than two seasons without losing their audience, there is only so much one can do within this plot. I predict that this season will be really good, and recommend this show for sure, but as for future seasons I think there is no way to tell. Let's just hope for the best I guess.

Hope you all had a good week and pray that this weekend might be a safe one for you, for those in school right now I hope you enjoy your fall break,  

Love from your humble blogger,

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