Monday, January 30, 2012

The Importance Of Personal Growth: Mentoring

   You are not perfect, no one is, this is one of many facts of life that you must accept. Another fact to remember is that you will never be perfect, no matter how hard you try you will never be without fault, these are things one must know prior to facing the world head on, and by accepting this you will have taken step one to your journey of personal growth. Though being true that perfection is unattainable, it is not true that you cannot become a better person and grow to impact the world in a positive light, we should always be striving to become better men and women, striving to grow and mature, specially in your relationship with others and yourself, only through constant growth can one truly live a life worth re-living.

    Mentoring might sound strange, this is not a concept we are grown up with within our culture. We have grown up in a time where individualism is valued above all else, and your personal accomplishments done by your own strengths are recognized highly, though this is a truth and one we should value, there is another truth permeating this phenomenon and that is that the majority of people cannot succeed within an individualistic world, and even those that do, do not do so to the extent that they could for they were not sharpened by a mentor.

      This might shock you but all great athletes have a coach, and all of the genius scientists of our time and past have all had teachers that at some point were smarter than them, shocking I know. The point here is that these people found value within those that sought to teach them and learned as much as they could from that person before proceeding to the next level in their career, this is called wisdom, learning from others so that you might yourself grow. A person can only have one set of experiences, by learning from others you are combining different experience sets and thus molding, shaping, evolving your own person by the good you find in others.  

     No matter what field you are aiming towards, be it competitive dance, be it sports, be it engineering, or teaching know that there is always someone better than you, this will forever be the case. So find those people, find the people that are better than you in all the ways you are weak and learn from them, allow yourself to be mentored by them, and by doing so you will evolve. You must place yourself bellow that person and create a teachable spirit within yourself, placing your pride aside in order to soak up as much knowledge and experience from that person as possible. This is a crucial step in personal growth.

    Know this, if you do not seek out others in order to grow, then others will seek out those mentors and you will be left behind, no one can succeed alone, it doesn't matter what you were taught about individualism, no one can succeed alone. There is always room for growth, always room for improvement, thus if you seek to be the best, if you seek to live your dream, then find those mentors and learn as much as you can.

     There is another key element in mentoring which you must remember and that is character, not your character, but the character of your mentor. When seeking a mentor one must always find someone who is better than you in order for you to grow, this also applies to character, to wisdom, kindness, integrity, and honesty, if your mentor is lacking good character you will end up picking up some of those negative character traits yourself, this cannot be avoided, thus seek after mentors that have good character, and in doing so you will grow to be better than you are now.

     Personal growth for some reason is not something usually talked about, we talk about the shallow ways by which you may grow in beauty or power within the world, but we do not talk about character that much. In everything that you do character will be important, if you are a likeable person you will go further than an annoying person, if you are teachable then mentors will instruct you further than if you retain your pride, if you are kind to those around you, you will always have friends to count on, these are facts of life. Thus work not only on your personal craft but also on your own character.

     We hope you had a great weekend and we pray that this week will be one filled with joy,

Love from your humble blogger,

Friday, January 27, 2012

2012: Sequels and Remakes Strike Again *Take 2*

    Sequels and remakes aren't all bad, there are some of them that still capture our hearts and give us hope for the future of sequels. So far this year we have received a solid list of announced titles, one we are all looking for I'm sure, with titles like "The Hunger Games" and "Chronicle" coming out how can one not be excited about what this year will bring. A side note, we will not be covering Twilight within this article, though we are about to be faced with the fourth movie this series does not apply as a sequel, for its a series, the books were written before the movies began to be released and the whole story was already developed, thus its not a sequel but a story told in parts, like "Lord Of The Rings" was a story told in parts, anyway, here we go:

   Superhero Movie Extravaganza

     We are being bombarded with superhero movies this year, some are original like "Chronicle" which comes out next week, but the majority of them are sequels or remakes. Let's start at the top shall we, the "Avengers" a sequel of sorts, here we have a combination of various other movies puzzled together over a period of time and thus creating a sequel, an elaborate sequel but a sequel none-of-the-less, this movie will be amazing, or so we hope. "Batman Rises" this actually happens to be the sequel of a remake, yeah Nolan rebooted the Batman series brilliantly, and thus we look forward to his conclusion this year, but don't forget that this was a sequel of a remake done well, a rarity. Finally we reach our webbed hero who desperately need a reboot after Toby did the whole emo Venom thing, "The Amazing Spider-man" will be coming out this year, complete with web shooters, Gwen Stacy and the Lizard as a villain, this movie looks legit, guess they figured that if the new ideas were bombing they should go back to the roots to get inspiration, a good move over all we think. 


    We have not had a "Men In Black" movie in a long time, the first one came out in 1997 just so you get the picture, yeah it's an old series but its a good one for sure. This is the role we all loved Will Smith playing in, the role that complimented movies like "Independence Day" and "Enemy Of The State" so well, and now we have old Will back doing another MIB, we can't wait. The preview looks really good and its being surrounded by a good cast which always helps, as long as they keep it simple like the first one and avoid tons of twists like the second one we feel that this movie will come out great. The great thing about the MIB series is the element of humor combined with action, we haven't had a good action movie that was centered around humor for a while, not slap-stick humor but intelligent humor, like the ones found in the first installment of this series. We can't wait for this movie, if you haven't seen the preview yet then do yourself a kindness and go watch it, it looks really good.


     There was a time where we would receive a James Bond movie per year, those were good times, though we're ok with waiting two years for a Bond flick if Daniel Craig promises a repeat blockbuster performance he has shown us in the previous two Bond movies he has done, rather impressive really. One cannot help but be excited about "Skyfall" here we are seeing a complete evolution of the series taking into account our culture of today, our technology and so forth. Though many of us were skeptical about Daniel Craig being the new Bond we could not have braced ourselves for how awesome of a Bond he was, there were some minor quips with the last movie, like no gadgets, but that feels like a minor detail when you take into account the performance shown within the movie. One has only to watch some of the older Bond flicks to see how far we have come, truly a movie to look forward to.

      Oh The Brashness

   What year would be complete without some brash movies to entertain us along the way, this year we are being hit with the father of brashness, "Expendables 2". Before we even start talking about the movie let's review the cast: Liam Hemsworth, Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris, Jet Li, Charisma Carpenter, Terry Crews, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, and Scott Adkins, right, this movie perspires brashness to a level beyond understanding. There is one way that this movie could drive the nail home and that is if they had recruited Liam Neeson to this little brash party, surely that would have blown our minds even more so if they had included Steven Seagal to the cast as well, guess they are saving those and others for "Expendables 3", either way this movie is sure to be the brashest movie of the year, no way anyone could even compete.    

Would be the runner up for sure

    And there you have it, proof that not all sequels and remakes are a bad thing, so when you look at the upcoming movies list and begin to feel noxious by all the horrible sequels and remakes, remember that though those will cause us pain, that there are others out there that will bring us plenty of joy.  We also hope you liked the new look for the blog, we are growing more and more so thank you for your support.

  We hope you all had a fantastic week, and have a glorious weekend,

Love from your humble blogger,

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2012: Sequels And Remakes Strike Again

    If you have been reading us for a while you know how we feel about sequels and remakes, 9/10 times sequels are wretched and disappointing, and though some remakes are good others are either remade too soon or they are done so while destroying the awesomeness of the original product. This year's movie list is no better than last year, though we have a lesser amount of sequels coming out this year movie theaters will still be hosting a plethora of sequels, remakes and sequels of remakes, some of those we are looking forward to, but these are the ones we are skeptic/worried/mortified about or disappointed with:

   Underworld: Awakening

    Underworld 4 just got released in theaters, and though the movie was enjoyable it was nothing new. Fans of the series will enjoy it and find it stimulating but for the most part there isn't anything in this movie that we haven't seen in the other three. This movie does beg the question though as of why would a fourth release be something that producers would ever feel like would be a good idea when the third one did so badly. I fear they thought that if only they added some good fighting sequences and added scenes of Kate Beckinsale looking hot that the movie would do well, and that's about all we get in this movie. What the fans wanted was a good story progression, a maturing of Kate's character, we longed for an evolution of the first two movies not a remake, hence this movie was a disappointment, but if you are a fan of the series you will still enjoy watching it, if nothing else just to get a little closure from the series, we give it a 7/10.

Ghost Rider 2

     Nicholas Cage needs to stop this, the amount of wretched movies he is in is astounding, and the fact that he releases one per year, sometimes two, is equally mortifying/astounding. Why they thought making a sequel to ghost rider was a good plan I have no idea about, even the comic book fans cringe when they see the preview, it's that bad. The whole thing makes no sense though, honestly, why would they ever think that this was a good idea, and Cage, how is he not tired of being in the same movie over and over again. Last year Cage released "Drive Angry" which basically was "Ghost Rider 1.5: Now He Drives A Car", meaning he has done three movies with the same premise that all require him to be the same character and all are horrible, yeah, one would imagine that he would learn at some point; that's too much to ask I guess.

Total Recall

     The original movie came out in 1990 and hosted a solid cast of Arnold, Sharon Stone, Rachel Ticotin, Ronny Cox and so forth, it wasn't a fantastic movie but it was fun and had a great original feel to it, now 22 years later they decided to remake the movie with Colin Farrell, Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale, Ethan Hawke and other great actors, which intrigues us but also worries us at the same time. The remake has an astounding cast of actors, a legit group that could stand up to the original cast, Farrell is no Arnold of course, though still it worries us when we see these remakes of movies that aren't even old enough to rent a car yet, it again begs the question of how young does a movie have to be for it to not be allowed to be remade? This is one of the remakes we are looking forward to, but at the same time we cannot help but be skeptical about, I guess we'll find out in August. 

Taken 2 "Taken again"

    Lol, that is not the subtitle though it should be, "she was taken once, now its their turn to be taken, this summer Liam Neeson is, Taken 2: Taken Again *insert explosions*", one cannot express how much we would die laughing if when the preview for this movie comes out it is said even slightly along those lines.  There cannot be any other reaction to the news of this sequel other than pure wholesome skepticism, we just hope they don't ruin the series completely, lets not forget that Liam has been in a few movies lately that were basically Taken 2, like "Unknown", the success of this movie was probably why the producers thought a sequel to Taken was a good idea, we sure are hopeful for something good, but at the same time cannot help but understand that no sequel to this movie could ever compare to the original and thus it will disappoint us, guess we'll find out soon enough.

   Wrath Of The Titans

    So here's a concept let's remake a movie, make it worse by removing all the great things about the original and then lets make a sequel to the remake by adding more explosions and big monsters to it, brilliant! No, not really brilliant, cringe worthy performance guys. The brashness contained within this movie is palpable, *deep movie announcer voice* "one man, one destiny, against all odds, against the gods, will kill every titan, this summer you will be blown away by this sequel of a remake, Wrath of the Titans: Maybe We Shouldn't Have Annoyed The Gods After All *explosion*".  There are very few redeeming factors to this movie, the story is horrible, the acting will be mediocre, the action sequences will be cool, the explosions will be fun, so bottom line is, this movie's brashness is the only redeeming factor saving it, smh.

  In order to be fair we will be mentioning all the good remakes and sequels coming out this year on our Friday post, this year does hold a few good surprises to look forward to, like MIB III.

   We hope your week has been going well, its one of em' slow weeks this one, so brace yourself and face it like a champ.

Love from your humble blogger,

Monday, January 23, 2012

SOPA/PIPA Vs The Internet

      There is something to be said about the power of the Internet, the ability that the Internet community has is paramount. From celebrity scandals to bringing injustice to justice the Internet community pulls through every time. Though this can also be a force for bad in the end the good out-weights the bad when it comes to defending people's rights and bringing those who prey on others to justice, this is the power of the Internet now has. It truly is amazing to see people come together to fight against a mutual threat, this is not something that could be a reality anywhere else except on the Internet, the numbers alone are astounding, but also the impact that the community has could not be imitated by anyone outside of the Internet, there is power in the web.

    There are many cases that illustrate this phenomenon for instance last week there was a hate crime that was video taped and put on the web, a few kids beating up on an Asian kid, the video was graphic and crude but it was put on the web. After seeing the video the web stood up in revolt for this act and sought to identify the boys in the video, this whole thing happened in a day, it took one day for the Internet to ID, send the info to the police and have them all arrested. Later on we came to find out that this was a retaliation beat down being delivered, for the Asian kid had previous gathered friends to beat down the other kids, though there is no proof of that thus the kid in the video getting beat up was not charged with anything, the other children and the girl holding the camera all got arrested though. This is an important case for two reasons, 1. we were talking about how racism is still around us so here it is (exhibit A) and 2. how we should be watchful of these situations, but also  2a. how people coming together to solve the issue got it resolved in a day. The Internet is a powerful thing.

   There was a more graphic case last year, one that brought the Internet to a full riot, so much so that even the 4chan guys jumped on this and brought this girl to justice. Last year there was a girl in Bosnia that decided that posting a video of her drowning puppies in a lake was a good idea, and said video made its way through various sites within the web. Needless to say people where outraged, the hate this girl received was palpable. No one knew who this girl was, no one knew where she lived, all they did was put out a man-hunt on her and it took two days, where talking two days time, for the Internet to not only find her and get the police to arrest her but also also her Facebook got hacked and spammed, all her online communities where shut down and she was brought to justice. This is a beautiful thing, the fact that people have found a medium to come together and fight for good, this was a case that brought tears to people's eyes, a true portrayal of hope, hope that we can still come together and fight for a common cause, but also it demonstrated the power present in the web.

    Last week Reddit organized a blackout for SOPA/PIPA that was adopted by many major online companies like Google, Huffington Post, Wikipedia, and even XKCD made a cartoon voicing how they are against the bill going through. From this protest Google attained a petition with over 7 million signatures, and awareness of the bill skyrocketed significantly. This protest in a sense highlights what protests will be like in the future, this singular protest day did a solid amount of damage to the bill, they lost various sponsors and its looking like it will definitely not pass. Thus again illustrating how powerful the Internet has become, showing us that we can all make a difference and through this medium we can all be a part of it, from the young to the old, to those that can get out of their house to those that are in bed rest, the Internet brings us all together as one.

     If for some crazy reason this bill goes through or other bills like it go through, we fear the war that might rise up. When the Internet has fought against people before it has been against individual people that had brought harm, but if a censor bill is passed then the Internet will be facing the government, thus possibly bringing about a war that no one wants. The players in this war come to mind, most hacker communities would rise up against it, specially the famous group Anonymous, Anonymous would have a field day with this whole thing and they have already issued a message of challenge against the bill so this does cause us to fear what this whole fiasco might bring about. If any censor bills goes through a user vs censor war would occur, one we should all not want.

      The point here is this, there is power within the Internet, we have seen that time and time again. When we talk about people rising up on the web we aren't talking about a small number but millions of people that when awakened could represent a significant fighting force. This is the predicament the people pushing this bill should be thinking about, it seems that they have forgotten what happened to Sony last year when they attacked one person, that was one person, this is the whole community being censored, the fiasco that could be brought about by this singular bill could be a scary thing. Thus those pushing this bill should remember that the people have a voice, and that people do fight for their rights, and with the Internet the fighting community becomes 10X larger.

      As Google said last week Internet piracy is something we should be fighting against, so the initial purposes of SOPA/PIPA are understood, but this is not the way to go about it. The abuse that can come from this bill is significant and thus why we are in retaliation against it. Here is Google's statement:

   "Fighting online piracy is important. The most effective way to shut down pirate websites is through targeted legislation that cuts off their funding. There’s no need to make American social networks, blogs and search engines censor the Internet or undermine the existing laws that have enabled the Web to thrive, creating millions of U.S. jobs.  Too much is at stake – please vote NO on PIPA and SOPA."

    We stand by Google and other companies that have risen up against this bill and the injustice it would bring, please do go and sign the petition at Google, here is a LINK to it. We encourage you to write to your congressman on the issue and continue to raise awareness to those that are not in the know. We look forward to seeing the Internet continue to grow and the community continue to band together to fight injustice.

In case you want more info on the bill in order to understand why this whole thing is a big deal, a YouTube user recently posted a very informative video, find the video HERE.

   We hope you had a fantastic weekend and may this week be a great one,

Love from your humble blogger,

Friday, January 20, 2012

What Can I Do?

     This is the question that most have asked after being challenged to change the world. When we are faced with the cruel circumstances surrounding this world and someone calls out to us for help, one can't help but ask oneself "What can I do? I'm just one person!", and thus we block out the calls for help, we block out the issues that are taking place around us, and we go on living our day to day lives. This applies to many different issues, but with keeping with the theme for this week, fighting racism, we've come up with a five step process, where anyone can make a difference. This process applies to a large quantity of issues, and is a way by which you can go out there today and make a difference.


     As the old Buddhist monks have said "if you're cup is full how can you learn? You must first empty your cup in order to be able to attain wisdom". In this same way we must look into ourselves and realize that we have biases, we have preconceived notions about the world around us, about how people behave, and about what we know about a certain culture. The first step to fighting prejudice is to realize that you in some level are prejudice, everyone is initially, and that before you can go out there making a difference you must first open yourself to the world and attempt to get rid of these notions and prejudices within yourself. Before you go out there to impact the world you must empty yourself of your prejudices, this is the first step.


     After you have purged yourself of your prejudices you will be ready to begin to re-educate yourself on those things you previously had a preconceived notion about. This applies to all nationalities, for all people have need to learn about their surrounding nations without the veil of prejudice. So take your time to actually make some friends within a different culture, learn about their culture from them, and defeat your own prejudices that you grew up with. At the same time see how hard it is to be that person, understand the social hardships that person faces, and in understanding you will grow to see the world within a new light. This new light will be able to guide you into the next step, and this experience will help you grow and mature into a person that brings about change, this is the second step.


    Now that you are no longer approaching a particular people group with the eyes of prejudice, learning about them, befriending them, now comes a time of understanding what they go through. This is the time you open your eyes to the world, open your eyes to all the issues going around the world and come to an understanding of  how this particular group has been slighted. This is the time where your eyes will be opened to the truth, the truth that prejudice is running rampant within our nation, that this prejudice does not have one face but many faces, meaning that the dream is not to have two people groups accept one another but to have all people groups accept one another. This will be the time where your eyes will be able to perceive the truth for the first time, and for the first time you will get that sick feeling at the pit of your stomach, that same feeling one gets when one witnesses a great injustice. This is the third step.


    Once your eyes have been opened to the truth there is no way to close them again, once you have experienced evil there is no forgetting the matter, thus this is the time where you speak out against it. This could be a simple reprimand of someone being prejudice, this could be stopping a group of people from telling racist jokes, or boycotting a TV show for the harm it does to a particular culture, this could be joining a protest union or supporting one, there are many things one can to that make a difference in the long run. The protest point is important, not everyone can go out there and give up everything to join a cause, but on the other hand everyone can donate to a cause in order to help the fight. Of course one must always be wise about donating money, finding a good charity is essential, not all movements are faithful with the donations received, this is a great evil to be discussed at another time. The fourth step is to speak out against those that are prejudice, by speaking you are making a difference.


     After you have gone through this whole process and have reached a level of understanding you are now bound to teach what you have learned. What is the point to learning how to be a better human being if you do not share that knowledge with anyone else? There is a huge need for education, for re-education, and without this focus on education a movement will die. This is a simple truth, any idea that is not taught to the next generation will eventually grow obsolete and die, hence the importance of teaching what you know, may it be to your kids, your friends, your parents, a classroom, an audience and so forth. This current generation for the most part was taught well about the evils of racism and prejudice, and thus we must continue to teach future generations about the evils surrounding those words. This is the fifth step, teaching others in order to raise awareness.

     In hope for a better tomorrow we pray that this week's posts have impacted you in some way, be it an encouragement or reenforcing a calling, whichever we hope that we can all band together and fight to bring about a better world, one free of prejudice and racism. Everyone can do something, every little bit counts.

   We hope you have a great weekend, rest well and be safe,

Love from your humble blogger,

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Reflection, Action and Honor

    What does it mean to honor someone? What must one do to truly demonstrate that they honor a great figure, or a movement? These are questions generally glossed by, generally ignored for some reason, and thus the case is made that many times when people think that they are living a life of honor towards a person or cause they are actually not. It is not their fault though, in a sense they are responsible on some primary level but when one is never taught how one should honor another he/she should not be held responsible for not knowing how to go about doing so. We've broken down what it means to honor, and hope that this might be helpful to some and encourage others to live a life of honor.


     We celebrated Dr. King this past Monday, within this celebration we remember all that he did, his struggles, his speeches, his fights, and his death. We pause from all that we do and reflect on who the man was, thinking about his flaws, his strengthens, and learning from them. Reflecting on something while honoring it means that you not only gloss over information about a figure, no, you truly meditate on a person, on his/her life, on their accomplishments, and learn from them. In doing so you honor their life, you honor their memory and hard-work. Reflection becomes a tool of honor only when you reflect on the past in order to improve yourself, only when you sit down and think "what would this person want me to learn from them?", this is what it means to meditate and honor a past life.

    Reflection can take place many different ways, one could simply buy a biography of the person you wish to honor and learn about that person's life, one could watch a video, read a magazine, study a history book and so on as well. The mediums that we have available to us now-a-days are many, thus there is little to no excuse as to why we should not know who these revolutionary men and women were. To truly honor someone is to know who they are and were, meaning, knowing who they were as a person and knowing what they are to the people today, knowing both who the 'man' or 'woman' was, in order to better understand what the 'movement' or 'cause' of today means.


    The first part of honor is simple, reflection, most people accomplish this task easily, though true honor does not end there, true honor has action accompanying it. Action is a simple term that carries a heavy meaning with it, to honor someone through action one must understand what actions would be considered honorable toward that person or cause, meaning, one must meditate on it first prior to acting on it. The previous paragraph might seem like a repetition of the previous few but the repetition is warranted, it is due to that fact that we have many who seek to honor another without understanding what that person thought or believed, this usually only brings trouble and unavoidably becomes a clink in the armor of the movement. Thus we implore you, prior to seeking to honor someone, please take the time to understand who that person was first.

     Action does not mean drop everything and fight for the cause, action does mean living for the cause, meaning, devoting your life to the cause. Some of us cannot drop everything and join a protest movement right now, in fact if we all did so society would not be able to function, this is not the only meaning of action. Action can also mean just upholding a cause, standing up against racism, fighting against inequality, with your words, with actions, with reprimanding people, with just taking a stand. The world is not changed by the big things, though they help, it is the application of those big things in the small ways a society functions that brings change. In short, by taking a stand and being the difference you become part of what is truly going to change the world, thus truly living a life of honor.

   We challenge you to not only celebrate and reflect on Dr. King's life, but to also take action and raise awareness to racism and prejudice, the small things are the things that impact the world the most sometimes, so never think that a small action by you will go unnoticed, no action ever goes unnoticed, this is a simple rule, all actions bring about change, be it good or bad, thus we urge you to live a life of honor, seeking to bring about a better tomorrow for the generations to come. Reflect on what was, in order to bring about a new and better now, this is what it means to honor.

Also if you have not heard of the "SOPA Act" please follow this LINK and get acquainted with it. This is a cause that is happening now that we must all fight to prevent. Google has done a great job summarizing everything and providing you with good links, sign the petition at least, every little bit helps. For those that are unaware SOPA is a bill attempting to censor the internet, so please follow the LINK and sign the petition against it.

We hope you all have a good rest of the week, remember to smile more and be kind to those around you.

 Love from your humble blogger,

Monday, January 16, 2012

Honoring A Man Of Peace

     We celebrate Martin Luther King Jr today by taking a day off work, school and other activities in order to not only celebrate the life of one of the most significant figures in the last century but to also meditate on the dream he had and to raise awareness to how we have progressed and how much more we have to go as well. Dr. King lived a life of sacrifice, sacrifice to the cause, sacrifice to a dream, a goal, that one day we could do away with racism and prejudice, that one day we might be able to come together and treat one another with respect and honor, that one day we might put our differences aside and love one another equally. Dr. King's life was a life well lived, one we should honor and respect, one we should remember and exalt, here was a man that was not scared to follow a dream and because of his passion he inspired a nation to dream with him.

   Dr. King was not the only one leading the movement but he was one of the big figures that aided us and inspired us to see what we had not previously seen, here was a man who woke up America to a better reality, to a new ideal, and thus Dr. King is a man that should be respected and remembered at all times within history. At the same time, we hope that you might remember all the other great leaders of his time and times after him and before him, for he did not accomplish anything alone, it took people rising up and heeding the call, thus as we honor Dr. King, let us also honor some of the other great leaders that were about this day, pushing the dream forward.

    We have come a long way in 44 years, the world has changed to the better, prejudice and racism have both decreased significantly, though the barbarism of racism is still alive today and should be acknowledged, we are still living in a day where racism is being defeated even to the point of our generation being disgusted by the sight of racism. This is a huge breakthrough, the fact that our generation in seeing racism within a TV show, or on the streets, on a movie screen, becomes instantly angry, gagging in disgust by the act of treating another human being as an inferior, this is a huge deal. This is what it means to evolve, for the next generation to look upon racism and instantly understand how horrible and wretched it is, that gives us hope that the future might hold a world where racism is non-existent and all men are created equal.  

     A new movie has recently come out which clearly demonstrates this point, the point that all who have seen this movie despise the wives within this flick, the movie is so powerful it brought many of us to tears, myself included, a movie that showed us what was the case, in order for us to better understand and appreciate what is today, The Help. This movie impacted us, it opened our eyes to how far we have come, it showed us how ingrained the evils of racism have become to us and it gave us a hope that the future might hold a world without racism and prejudice. This is a must see movie, though we warn you that it is a powerful movie, you must be rather dense if you are not moved even a little by this movie, what it shows us is what was happening on the other side while Dr. King was preaching, we become invested emotionally with those that are being impacted by King's words and get a better understanding of what it must have felt like, thus the source of the power of this movie, hope.

     We here at So Danca want to remind everyone that though Dr. King's ministry was successful and now we are living at an age that racism has begun to die out, that racism still exists, and that prejudice is something that has still plagued our nation, thus we wish to raise awareness to this evil in hopes that we can all come together to fight injustice, and bring about a better tomorrow for our children and grand-children. Let us come together and continue dreaming, a dream of equality, a dream where prejudice and racism are things of the past, things looked at in disgust, let us come together and bring about a better world, one we are proud of, one where we can hope freely, and dream intensely, while loving continually everyone as we love ourselves.

    We hope you have a great Dr. King day, and that you may come and dream with us for a better tomorrow, one we can be proud of, one where Dr. King's message has come true to its fullest meaning, let us dream together.

Love from your humble blogger,

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Freedom To Be Yourself Found in College

      High School is not an easy place to survive in, within many high schools out there, you will be made fun of if you are different, that is a simple fact. If you are over weight you will be made fun of because of it, if you look different you will be told so, if you like theater you will be called gay and looked down upon, and if you are gay you will be faced with tough times ahead. Of course this is not the case in every high school, some high schools have evolved and become places where people are accepted for who they are and encouraged to be themselves, though sadly this is not what is the case among the majority of high schools, those four years for many are tough years indeed, there is a bright road ahead of you though, an escape, and that is college. There is no explanation to how this phenomenon occurs, but at college all the dynamics change, you are now allowed to be you, and not some created version of you that everyone likes, it's a beautiful thing, here is a brief overlook at the stereotype changes that occur: (of course this does not apply to all colleges and universities but this does fit the majority of them)

      Revenge Of The Nerds

     In high school you might have been picked on, you might have been ridiculed for studying hard and getting good grades, but in college you are respected and fellow classmates look up to you as the person they want to be friends with and study with, because grades in college matter, a lot. Another big factor is that you will be surrounded by a ton of other nerds, meaning if anyone messes with you they will also be messing with that 6'2 nerd that plays dungeons and dragons who happens to be a boxer, a nerd could be taken down, a group of nerds is a thing to be feared. The word Nerd as well takes on a different meaning, while in high school it is a negative term in college its a positive, a lot of people call themselves nerds, its become an accepted term, classifying a whole genre of people, people that like comic books, movies, video games, cartoons, and so on, all refer to themselves as nerds. When you arrive at college you will fit in within one of these groups, realize you are not alone and have a fantastic college career.  So keep up your studies and apply to good programs out there, remember that those programs are hard to get into which means that only people that study as hard as you will make it there, thus you will surely make friends and have a blast with people that have similar ideals as you. Have hope, stay strong, and finish right, be encouraged.

  The Evolution From Bully-Jock To Nice-Awesome-Jock

    Not all jocks are bullies in high school, that's true, but there are a lot that think being a bully is their job in life. The heightened sense of importance gives them a false sense of power and thus corrupts them and places the idea of superiority within their heads. This means having exclusive parties, picking on people, not associating with people and so on. Again this is not a depiction of all jocks, there are some nice jocks out there, but we're going for the stereotype here, and stereotypes exist for a reason. When you arrive in college you will realize that being nice to everyone is a great thing, because in the end of the day these are your fans, these are the people who will love you and cheer you on, and party with you and make posters with you on them and so forth. Thus the mechanics change, most athletic programs require their players to have a certain GPA, so all that studying that you did not do while at high school you will do now, and who will tutor you? the nerds of course, thus giving them power over you, but no worries this is college, a time where everyone comes together and acknowledges one another. This again is not the case in all colleges, and does not apply to all the people within a college, but as a rule jocks that are nice and treat other people with respect go places and are loved by everyone, example Robert Griffin III, yeah, it pays off to grow up and respect others. For the jocks out there that are already being great guys/girls while in high school, we raises our glasses to you, way to be the difference.  

     Those Who Love Theater

      Being into theater and going to high school may sometimes cause you to be shunned by many. When it comes to theater the problem has decreased a little because of shows like "Glee" that showed the world the problems that those students face, and at the same time made being within a Glee Club something 'cool', though again this is not the case still within many high schools. Specially if you happen to be a homosexual, high school is truly rough on you. College brings about a new mechanic though, where the homosexual within your high school was someone that was made fun of, in college he is one of the coolest guys to know and hang out with. This really happens, and theater kids become the people you really want to know and be friends with. Theater people as a rule through the best parties, themed parties, birthday parties, masked parties, whichever Theater people know how to have a good time. Going to your school plays in not frowned upon but encouraged, and the cast is praised by the student body not shunned, therefore college changes the mechanic around completely here. You should always do yourself a favor and become friends with some theater people, they are always a blast, from picking up instruments and singing, to being hilarious and reenacting scenes, as a whole they are a blast to hang out with. 


   Maybe you don't fit into a major stereotype, maybe you are your own person, maybe you like everyone or you don't like everyone, maybe you love pop culture or you don't love pop culture, maybe you like to surf, maybe you like to paint, or maybe you just like to lay around and do nothing, the good news is that you are not alone, and you will find a group of friends at college that like doing similar things that you like to do. This is a simple rule as well, college brings people with similar interests together, it just happens, you'll look around on your second year and realize that all your friends are like you and that for the first time you can be you without feeling like you are alone, its a wonderful thing. This also applies to those that fit into many different stereotypes, a jock who likes video games and comics who happens to love theater will find people that are similar to him, where as in high school he might not have been able to be himself, now he has the opportunity to express how he really feels and show who he really is.

  Something To Look Forward To

   College changes the dynamic, so if you are having a tough time in high school remember that you are not alone, that there are tons of other students going though the same things you are, and remember that you will meet them soon in college and be surrounded by a community that cares about you being you, and that is the freedom found at most colleges. We won't generalize here and say that all colleges hold this freedom but we feel comfortable making the statement that many colleges fit into this category. This article did play on many stereotypes and of course those can be flawed and do not apply to all high schools or colleges, though research states that there is a change that occurs in college, a social class shift that changes the game and provides you with an environment more accepting of you being you, instead of you fitting the "cool" mold found in high school.

     We hope and pray that one day middle school and high school might be a little more like college in its acceptance of people that are different than the whole. While that takes its time to occur we encourage you to be yourself and do what you love, encourage others to do the same, and know that you will soon be able to have that freedom when you go to college. We hope you have a fantastic Friday, and a glorious weekend.

   Love from your humble blogger,