Thursday, April 14, 2011

Know Your Blogger Unplugged: "Old movies that would fail due to technology"

        I was thinking about old movies a few days ago and about what the effects of today's technology would have upon them. I quickly realized that various old movies could never work within the frame of today's society. Technology has really changed the way by which we perceive the world, thus I put a list together of four ways in which technology has clearly saved us a ton of hassle but posed problems to cinema classics if they had occurred in our generation.


        Inflatable life rafts. Though I don't think today's technology would allow for a ship to hit an iceberg, if in fact it did occur everyone would have a life raft. So no epic scene with Kate and Jack in the freezing water. So though in life a tragedy would have been avoided, in the big screen the movie would lose it's major plot line. So Kate would have left with Jack and lived a poor life in the suburbs, struggling everyday for a bit of bread. Now that's just a movie no one wants to watch. Moving on..


      Social networks. Yeah this could really hurt a ton of movies. Could you just imagine his facebook status "Summer loving, if you know what I mean" and all the friend's comments under it? No escape from that. Sandy would be out of there so quick, good for her too, let's be honest, she's in a good place in the beginning of the movie and in the end she's smoking, drinking and hanging with a bad crowd. Over all she's better off. Thank you technology!

            Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory

             There's just no way you would be able to get five kids today into a chocolate factory without getting half your secrets spilled on youtube, and wikipedia. The wikileaks guys would be all over that. There would have to be a "smart phone confiscation room" prior to entering into the factory. And even then somehow everything would still end up online. It's one of the aftermaths of today's technology, no secret is kept secret for too long. So no epic elevator ride for Charlie.....unless in the end instead of giving the gum back he gave his smartphone away. Maybe that would work....who knows. And yes, in my mind Willy Wonka has a green hat and purple scarf, deal with it.

  Almost every old horror movie, or old robbery movie

           Do you even remember old wired phones? Ancient of things. The only way to make this work in a movie would be to add a scene where the thief has a "thank god this thingamaginga that prevents cell phones from working exists". In the old days you could just cut a wire and bang, no phone line. Another scenario saved/ruined thanks to technology. Though this is an easy fix, I still always can't help but smile when I see this happen in an old flick. Go go cell phones.

          Here's your question of the week,

     What movie do you think would be ruined with today's technology?

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  1. Great post!

    In the film 300 the Spartans would have great hair and cool tattoos with today's technology, but they would be no match for the Persians modern warfare.

  2. Anonymous 2:

    Glad you liked it

  3. Lots of fun
    Please keep writing