Friday, May 6, 2011

I want my flying car now!

        In the near future sales representatives will no longer be having to drive themselves anywhere. Our kids will look at us and say "What? You actually pressed the pedals and drove yourself?! Unreal!". (Yes, "unreal" will be a hit slang in the future).

      This is not new news to most of us, I understand, but I feel as though this particular project has finally begun to get the recognition and respect it deserves only recently.
       The concept of having a computer drive your car for you sounds appealing to most, but to some it sounds tragic. There are many skeptics out there, and thank god for them, without their constant barrage of questions and problems, we most likely would not be able to find and fix all the flaws/problems the google car might face.
       The Google guys had this quote basically stating that 'if the computer had been created before the car then we would  have done this a long time ago', and I agree. This is an incredible step forward. The dream of flying cars could only come true if this invention were to be implemented, and I want my flying car. Just imagine being able to sleep on your way home from work, or to work from home. To be able to do homework in the car, to be able to get in your car and not worry about the fact that you're too exhausted to drive. We're talking an instant reduction of car accidents, speeding fines, insurance cuts, increase in productivity, and tons more. The upsides of living in a world where cars drive themselves is paramount.
        This project has been worked on continually for a significant amount of time now, enough time to not only be taken seriously but to actually earn the right to have our attention and hope. After this is implemented, we will be one step closer to having our dreamed of flying cars. And as I stated before, I want my flying car.
        I'm going to leave you with this bit of genious comic goodness from XKCD I found a while ago:

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          What do you think of the whole Google car thing? And how come?

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  1. Fun - keep posting

  2. Like you, I've always dreamed of flying cars but now,I am afraid of them. I'm afraid of flying cars accident. Come to think of it. It's too dangerous there are so many reckless drivers nowadays., terrafugia transition will be releasing their own version for sale to the public. Pretty scary.

  3. Kathy: I agree with you, and that's why I feel we need the "drive themselves" car, this would allow for no accidents to occur. The two ideas in conjunction would allow for the future of flying cars to become a reality.

  4. If flying cars are invented in the future, where will you want to go? Let's admit it, we still have a long way to go and it's still just an idea, but anything can happen. :)