Friday, April 8, 2011

Highlight a Store Day! "Mark's Dancewear"

Mark's Dancewear, located in Johnston, Iowa.   

“They have had So Danca products in their store since day one of opening.  Mark's Dancewear is the store to go to for Pointe Shoes in central Iowa, he has great knowledge and experience in fitting all types of feet.
             Mark and his employees have fun and enjoy what they do, you can tell that right away when you walk in the door.  Great service and great advice to everyone, and make's you feel comfortable buying from them.”
          ---- Tim Hines (one of our many amazing Road Warriors)

            I got an email yesterday telling me the comment box bellow wasn’t working, and in fact, I slipped up and didn’t see that there was a problem. It’s all fixed now, so feel free to leave a comment, thanks for the heads up people!
            Btw I’m compiling the list of musicals still from people, I keep getting a lot of the recent musical movies, I think I got a dozen people that liked “Chicago” and “Hairspray”, right now it’s a battle between those two and “Phantom of the Opera”.
            Let you know on Monday who got the most votes! Hope you all have a great weekend and hope you have a glorious Friday. 

          Love from your humble blogger,

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