Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Your Humble Blogger Signing Off

      Well guys we've had a long run. The blog has evolved in many ways and become way greater than I ever expected it to. I've worked for So Danca for a long time now and though my time here has been one filled with good memories all good things must come to an end in order for new and better things to come about. I will be stepping down from my position here and therefore will no longer be posting articles in this blog. I have no idea if I'll start another blog yet or not but if I do it will no longer be under any company or sponsor and therefore it would have more freedom when it comes to articles and such. Don't know if that will occur yet or not but for now this is goodbye. As I planned this final post various ideas came to mind, but one stuck out the most, a last goodbye post featuring some things in my life that are going on. Alas we here we go.

     I've always had a dream about pursuing graduate school in the area of theology. Specifically I'll be attending a seminary program at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, well, I hope, I'll find out for sure if I'm accepted or not in November, hopefully I'll get some good news then. The blog will continue though so rest assured that there will be articles here in the days to come. Our company's very own Anne Polajenko will be taking over as author, she happens to be a pointe shoe expert and therefore the blog might start taking a more dance oriented turn. Change is good and I hope that under her care this blog will continue to flourish as it has over this past year and a half.

      Leaving a blog is a strange feeling. It's like breaking up with a girlfriend. You share good times with her and bad, you experience her grow and invest countless hours of your time making sure that she continues to be a success. Leaving a blog and giving it to someone else it like breaking up with someone and telling them that the next guy will make her just as happy as you did and that everything will be ok. I guess this feeling is the same for anyone who has worked on a project for a long time and then passed it on to someone else. In this case though I do feel a comfort in knowing that Anne will be taking this over and under her capable hands I am sure that this blog will grow in various ways.

    As for last recommendations, go watch "Seven Psychopaths", probably the best movie in theaters right now. This weekend "Wreck-It-Ralph" will be coming out and that also looks really good so keep that in mind, while not forgetting that in two weeks "Skyfall" (the new Bond movie) comes out and that definitely looks amazing. As for TV shows I recently got the chance to watch a BBC show "Misfits", seasons one and two being amazing and three and four losing it's stride significantly, but worth giving a look for sure. If you are an anime fan I would recommend "Sword Art Online" which happens to be amazing, best anime series I've seen in a while. As for games, I've not had a chance to play "Dishonored" yet but all that have played it love it, a fun one to check out it seems. I recently gave Hulu + a second chance, and honestly I fell in love with it, ads still get on my nerves but you can't have everything.

     If you are a book lover "Name of The Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss is still my favorite book, I recommend it over all others. If you read comic books and have not read "The Sandman" by Neil Gaiman then do yourself a kindness and read it, it's the best thing since ice cream. Disney bought Star Wars, random but I thought you should know, I wouldn't be surprised if the next movies are better than Episodes 1 through 3, but that could be just my fan boy hope speaking. On that topic "Empire Strikes Back" is my favorite movie of all time, another random fun fact but it seemed to fit the genre. A TV side note, "Once Upon A Time" has been amazing this season, way better than expected, I recommend you give this show a chance for sure.  And one last "Dr. Who" shout out is in order, I love this show, best show on TV, check it out if you have the chance.

    And so we've come to a close. This is goodbye folks,we've had quite a ride and I'll miss posting articles for you all. I will be publishing a book one day so look out for that. If you have facebook and want to add me feel free to do so, I mostly post memes on there but sometimes good relevant new projects pop up from time to time. I love you all and will miss being around, go and live a life worth reliving.

 See you around.

    Love from your humble blogger,

              Mario Ransan

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  1. Goodbye dear friend I enjoyed your post