Tuesday, February 22, 2011

“Do it yourself Myth”

            A lot of times we forget that we are but one person. We forget that we need other people in order to succeed at this thing called life. A phrase that is constantly being said is “if you want something done right, then do it yourself”. I’m here to say that this is not always the case.
            There is a value to teamwork, an incredible value. Companies around the globe do their best to find employees that will build their company up and help provide profit for the company, but it is only a handful of these companies that have taken the time to implement the “teamwork” mentality within the working environment.
            The concept of having “teamwork” within business today is a thing of the past. Truly I agree that there is cooperation between employees, but true trust and honor between them does not exist 9/10 times. I personally believe this to be a disease within the business world of today.
            If there is nothing else you take with you from any of the blogs, at least remember this phrase, “nothing of significance was ever accomplished alone”. From kind gestures, to encouragement, to helping with labor, to counseling, believe this, behind every great accomplishment there is a great team.
            This team might be consisted of two people. Sometimes it could be consisted of over a thousand. The concept here is that it was a group of people with a collective goal that worked together to strengthen one another, and help lead the project onward.
            Another trusty saying, “you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with”. Meaning, you will only be able to reach the sky if you have people that are capable and willing to take the trip with you, people that will push you, that will help you, people that will aid you to go the extra mile that you could not go alone.
            Teamwork does not end in sports, no, it is a crucial part of life, it is what gives us hope in life, what pushes business forward. Teamwork is what actually causes organizations to grow and do well. If you are part of a company that is doing well look around you and you’ll see I’m right, so take some time to go and thank people around you for their hard work.
            The egocentric mentality of “without me this company would not flourish” is not only against team building, it is also utterly false, everyone that has been in business knows that anyone can be easily replaced. Replacing someone in a team is never a ‘business killing’ issue, so remove this thought from your head. Replace it instead with “without our teamwork, this company would go nowhere”.
            When looking around you thinking “how can I improve my business?” or “how can I be a better employee?” take the time to analyze the teamwork that is taking place around you. See if people are sharing information, if they are encouraging one another, if they are helping one another, if they are encouraging growth to one another. These are all important parts of a good team.
            Teamwork is an essential part of success, so remember that if you want something to be done right, ‘then put a good team together to do it’. You don’t have to be in control of everything. Other people have talents you don’t have, so trust in others, and build a strong loyal team. Do this and you’ll have a much higher shot at success in this world.

              Love from your humble blogger,  

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