Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bad winters

            There have been many bad winters in the past years, but this current year we have faced one of the worst cold fronts that we have seen in years. For the last few months many stores have faced difficulties with excessive amounts of snow, “white outs”, bad storms and so forth. Some stores had to even close during some of the worst of it.
            We here at So Danca want to let everyone know that we care about you, and hope that this time of hardship will soon pass away. One of our customers was kind enough to send us some pictures so that we might be able to illustrate this very issue. Our prayers go out to all of you experiencing tough and difficult times, and we honor your courage and determination to stay open and in business.
So much snow!

Kat and daughterAbby

17" of snow that day!!

Pictures courtesy of Kat and her daughter Abby of “Dance and More Store” from Fayetteville, Arkansas.

       Love from your humble blogger

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