Monday, October 17, 2011

Top 4 Original TV Shows That Deserve Your Attention

      There are various shows on tv right now that are doing a rather good job, but the need for creativity is great at our time and age. We've come to a period of time where we do not have a lot of original ideas when it comes to movies and television shows. The only new thing for the most part are all the various reality tv shows that just explore the various facets of our human condition, showing the crud beneath every aspect of society. Its not only disgusting but the whole concept is repulsive at times. We've abandoned creativity and gone back to the time of the Romans with their Coliseums, soon we'll have people killing each other on national television for entertainment.

      Which is why one must give a round of applause to the SyFy network, they have truly stepped up their game. The SyFy network used to be a place for nerds to hang out in, but with their new shows coming out truly anyone can get into them. They have everything we've been needing on Hollywood's side in series format. It is not a fact that everything they do is perfect, they have even fallen so low to have created their own type of reality tv, it's sad really. But there are three shows which come from original ideas, full of originality, and fun, and one that is coming out that we definitely need to keep an eye out for.

       Think of these shows as our version of the X-Files, with less suspense, more humor, way better graphics, and better writing, so not really ,like the X-files at all, besides the fact that they are equally good shows.


      This is a newer, 3 seasons so far, show that has been so far wowing the masses, it has all the elements one would want from a show, action, comedy, romance, and so forth. Though they are starting out, this show has much potential for growth, so keep a look out, cause this one might just blow you out of the water.


      Eureka has been around for 4 seasons now, and their 5th and final session is about to start airing in January. This is a great show about a practical minded cop being stuck in a town full of theoretically minded scientists. It's a fantastic show, full of humor and "I didn't see that coming" endings, which are rare and far between. Seasons 1 through 3 are on netflix instant stream, I recommend you check it out.

Warehouse 13

      This show I've recently gotten into, they are on season 4 right now and seasons 1 and 2 are on netflix. The show follows two secret service agents that save the president and get reassigned at Warehouse 13, which is a place where everything and anything supernatural gets stored up in order to prevent catastrophes world wide. The whole concept of this show is not only super original, it's funny, brilliant, and it truly has a great cast. So far I just finished season 1 and loved every second of it.


     Normally I would be skeptical about a show that hasn't come out yet, but Neverland looks fantastic. It follows the story of how Peter become Peter Pan, so it's a prequel to J. M. Barrie's classic Peter Pan. It looks really good, it has amazing cast, a great concept, and though its a prequel to a child's book, it has a very real palpable adult vibe to it, I'm sure like every other SyFy show it won't be beyond PG-13, but the concept of creating a darker prequel to Peter Pan is rather awesome I think. Thus I recommend you check it out when it comes out in December.

      Well there you have it, four new shows that you could check out and enjoy that come from original ideas, and deserve the support of any and all that value imagination.

   Love from your humble blogger,

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