Friday, October 5, 2012

Guest Writer Week: Nathan Biebel "Alternative Energy"

There are at least two things people quickly discover about us.

1.  We love to laugh and make fools out of ourselves, and

2.  We believe, in a very deep-seated way, that we are creative and witty

Because of these two things, we decided we didn’t really need an expensive camera, or a script writer….or talent.  We could make an advertisement for Prudent Living’s alternative energy solutions using only our stunning intellect.

So, us boys in, what the office has affectionately dubbed, the “think tank” put our heads together and after literally(and I mean LITERALLY) dozens of long, grueling, intense minutes of work, we were able to put something together that we are quite proud of.

Not bad for a budget of $0, don’t you think?

  -- Nathan Biebel of "Prudent Living Blog"

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