Wednesday, March 28, 2012

America's Favorite Passtime Going Global, Why That Matters

      Even 20 years ago if someone had talked about baseball or American football being spread all over the world we would have looked at that person skeptically, the thought being impossible because the means of communication and spread of information at that time was so low. We are now living at an age where the spread of information is mammoth, we can stay in touch with friends and family in different countries with relative easy via Skype, email, Facebook and so forth, this is the age of the spreading and expansion of information. Being that this is the case, it comes to no surprise to us that America's goal of spreading their top two sports around the world as begun to get some spark, positive feedback and a very real possible future.

      Baseball is way ahead of football when it comes to uniting the countries for sure, so much so that there was a tournament already crafted for all the teams around the world to compete in, "World Baseball Classic". Much like the "World Cup" (soccer tournament for those that don't know), this tournament meets every three years (instead of Soccer's four) and hosts a variation of teams around the world competing to determine who is the best. There have only been two of these tournaments so far, it's still very young, and Japan has won both tournaments, baseball was received really well in Japan. This is the kind of thing we hope happens more and more between countries in a variation of sports.

   We know what you're going to say here, the Olympics, yeah we can't disagree that the Olympics already holds some of that swagger, but what we are referring to are tournaments like the "World Cup" and sports like basketball or American football (and so on), and also incorporating in season competitions between countries. It could be a competition that out-weights other competitions, a culmination of teams coming together to compete for the gold. Soccer already does this, we have Latin America teams facing European teams every year or so, this is a concept that should be adopted to other sports, specially now with the rising of technology, the spread of information and our ability to communicate with one another becoming easier and easier.

     We say this to point out a very real future where we focus on peace between nations and friendly competition being a reality. Did you know that the "World Cup" has stopped civil wars before? Yeah, a sporting event made a country stop a war, that's how powerful a sporting event can be, that's how important the spread of competition between nations can be. This won't solve the world's issues, nor will it end war, but it will begin to build respect between countries, if only at least for that team. Can you imagine an American cheering for his favorite Italian team while an Italian cheered for his favorite Brasilian team? The possibilities are endless, thus being that we already apply these things to soccer maybe it is about time we apply these things to baseball and football as well, growing our leagues and having world wide competitions.

     All this to say that MLB is starting this week and the first game is taking place in Japan, which surprised us and made us happy at the same time. This is not a world league but the American league playing some games in Japan because of the fan base that exists there. This could bring about a good future for all mankind, one where we are more united and come together to respect one another. Sporting events might not be your first pick when it comes to changing the world but they do have a significant impact on how the world operates, this is a tool we must be able to harness and use for good. Thus the MLB's move to have this game in Japan in order to spread the love of the game further is one that brings a smile to our faces.

     When it comes to dance we have seen this already taking place with Y.A.G.P. and other competitions, where the world of dance stops to see the incredible talent that resides in other countries seeking to compete with them, learn from them, laugh and cry with them, celebrating the ability to come together and though in some cases communication between dancers is impossible they still find a way to touch each others hearts by the medium of dance. The dance world in many respects is way ahead of the sporting events throughout the world, the love between teachers and students alike from different countries is palpable, it truly is an overall beautiful event. We long to see this occur with other competitions and wonder what sort of impact that that will have in the world we live in.

     So Wednesday is finally here, if you feel like this week has been a slow one we are right there with you, we pray for you and us that this week might finish well and that this coming weekend is a great one.

Love from your humble blogger,

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