Monday, March 26, 2012

March Madness Final Four And ME3 Story Update

        This last weekend we finally got to see who the final four teams are going to be and without a doubt more brackets were destroyed in the process. This coming Saturday we will have two great games occurring between Kentucky vs Louisville and Ohio St vs Kansas. We here can't help but to be rooting for the underdog in the Kentucky game, specially due to their everlasting rivalry, which rivals that of Duke and North Carolina, this game is promised to look fantastic, we sure are looking at an intense finish for this year's tournament.

       Since the tournament's beginning many have stated that Kentucky was going to win it all, they are the top choice to win for sure, but this tournament has been so bizarre at times that there is no telling what will happen next Saturday, these teams have all bleed on the court, they have given their all to get their schools this far and now we get to see what college ball is all about, the give it your all or go home mentality we only find in college sports. It doesn't matter if your team is playing the final or not, the final is always a fun game to watch, it's always an all out battle and very rarely has it not been a good game to watch, this is the beauty of college finals.

       We couldn't help but to cheer for Baylor this past Sunday even though we knew that there was a very small chance of them taking the win, it's nice to see the underdog win, but going home at this time is no loss, there is no shame in leaving this tournament at this point, specially when playing against one of the best programs in the country, so well done Bears. This goes out to all the teams that broke the odds this year, the teams that would not give up, the teams that we all thought were going to leave on the first round and not only proved us wrong but wowed us in the process, this tournament was reminded of the beauty it possesses due to your victories, we tip our hats to you.

      Ohio St vs Kansas will be a good game to watch for sure, some here are speculating that Ohio St is going to take it all but there is no real answer here, if Kansas plays like they did on Sunday then there is a good chance that they'll be able to show up again on Monday for sure. Both teams are no push overs, these are the four teams that have fought and won over hundreds of teams in the United States, thus these games should both prove to be fantastic to watch for sure. We're still a little bias against the tournament game being on Monday, we understand the reasons behind it but still, Monday is just never a good day for a final, this is something that needs to be reconsidered one of these days.

      Another thing that was beginning to get to us are the commercials that surrounded the tournament, there were so few of them, like 15 or so, and they just cycled between those for the entire thing making even the best of commercials become "that annoying At&t" commercial. Though this was occurring there was one commercial that took us by surprise, this Powerade commercial is so absurd, like a direct punch in Gatorade's mouth absurd, that we couldn't help but love it and laugh about it for quite some time. The whole thing is so brilliant that it surprises us that we never saw it coming, it definitely deserves a spot here for best commercial in this tournament, besides the "here we go" dog commercial.

     An update for the Mass Effect 3 people here, Bioware has announced that this next week (beginning of April) they will release new additions to the story, an alternative ending is rumored but not officially announced yet. If there is another ending that does get released you'll have to purchase it and rumors say it'll be close to $30 or so (more than regular DLCs). We'll def know more about this as the week progresses, but Bioware has heard your complaints and will be solving these issues very soon, starting another character in preparation for it might be a good idea, if not a fun one. This whole mess with creation of a new ending has brought on some concerns from artists all over the world, we'll give our opinions in this matter next week for sure.

     We hope your weekend was fantastic and though it is a Monday and they are generally rough we pray that it might be a great one for you,

Love from your humble blogger,

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