Friday, March 16, 2012

The Lorax Loves Trees And So Should You

     Every year or so we get a movie about protecting nature, about 20 years or so ago this was a norm, we used to have a ton of movies about how mother nature is dying and we need to stand up and do something about it, we even had a TV show who's soul purpose was to raise awareness of this fact "Captain Planet". For this new generation though the whole "save the trees" movement has toned down quite a lot, which is good in a sense for it has allowed for other issues to surface as well and make themselves known, but bad in the sense that saving trees is still a big deal and something we must always teach the next generation, hence the importance of the movie "The Lorax".

     "The Lorax" has stolen the box office from "John Carter", to no surprise, it is a great movie about a town that doesn't have any more trees, about the fight between materialism and greed versus nature and moderation. The "Lorax" is the one who speaks for the trees in the movie he is the one who educates our main character of all the things that have occurred in his town. This is a cute movie, it isn't the most fantastic animation ever but it is a good movie with a good message. It's no "Wall-e" for sure, but it is still a movie worth watching.

     The "go green" movement was an interesting thing to us at So Danca, for we have always gone green, since we first built our factories we have always cared about the environment, so when we heard about the "go green" movement our hearts were warmed for now more people were beginning to see things like we and others had thought for a long time. Caring for nature is an extremely important thing, if we do not care about mother Earth then what will be left of it when our kids are growing up?

     Technology and nature can co-exist, isn't that the true meaning of being an advanced technological society, taking care of Earth while progressing in our inventing? There are dreams that we must always keep intact, dreams that we must always pass on to the next generation, for if we do not then the chances of the nightmare returning are high. We must not let the mistakes of the past repeat themselves, so we must educate the next generation about what was happening to our world when we weren't taking care of it properly and how long it took for us to correct some of the atrocities that we had committed. We must always speak about respecting nature, about loving where we live and preparing it for the next generation, we must prevent history from repeating itself, and education is the key to it all.

    "The Lorax" is in theaters now and we recommend that you go see it, it was a cute movie, one worth checking out. We hope this week has been amazing, and pray that this coming weekend will be even better,

Love from your humble blogger,

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