Wednesday, June 1, 2011

An evening with Anne Polajenko: Humor at the ballet

Humor at the ballet:

In 1845, an enterprising, English, theatrical agent had the temerity to invite the four leading ballerinas of the day to perform in one ballet together. They were Maria Taglioni (the undisputed queen), the Italian ballerinas Fanny Cerrito and Carlotta Grisi, and the Danish dancer Lucille Grahn. The ballet was "Pas de Quatre" (Dance for Four) to be performed in London.
Benjamin Lumley soon had reason to regret his invitation as all these ladies were very difficult women, stars in their own right, who would not take second place to anyone. Arguments arose over who would get  top billing. Taglioni of course would go first, but then? Each lady threatened to walk out unless she be listed next. Finally an exasperated Lumley told them he would list them by order of AGE. He did not hear a single demand from the three ladies again.........
-- Anne Polajenko

      Hello everyone, hope you've all been well since last we conversed. The blog will be taking on a new light soon, based on comments we are thinking about switching the days to a mon-wed-fri posting,
      any comments? suggestions? ideas?

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