Monday, June 13, 2011

If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?

   As this week begins I encourage you to undertake making good decisions for your life and the life of those around you. Many of us have heard the saying "if your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump as well?", from our parents or teachers or even sometimes a dear friend who is trying to teach us and encourage us.
   The sad part of it all is that sometimes we do jump with our friends, while ignoring all the consequences of our actions to the surrounding people around us as well. Here is what is meant by this, people follow people, this is a simple rule of life, so when someone of a 'pack' decided to not do what the pack is about to do then someone else will follow you by example.
    Sometimes it takes one person doing the sane thing for some of the people around him to wake up and realize what they have been doing and that following the pack is going to end up being a bad thing.
    My encouragement is that you not only be the person to says "No, I won't jump" but also be the person that sets the example, the person that shows the world that there is another way, that one can say no, and thus give encouragement to those around you.
    Be this by being kind to someone who no one is kind to, to showing love in random but significant ways, all these things make an impact. And even though sometimes you might feel like no one is around and no one notices, this is not the case, someone always notices, you are not alone.
    We as humans all share this feeling of loneliness, this feeling of always being by ourselves, of not being appreciated enough. We all have social issues, we all have fears, so remember, you are not alone. Plenty have stood up to the pack and said "ENOUGH!"
     So as you walk through this week take the time to live in love, to yourself, to those around you, and stand up to the pack. It has been done before, and it will happen again. This is your time. So grab a hold of it and walk a better road.

    Love from your humble blogger,

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