Friday, July 1, 2011 Sold!

     Myspace was the first big social media site to come out years ago, leading us to a new era of sharing information and being connected via the internet. Though it was the Godfather of social networks at one point, as of late myspace has been forgotten, not just forgotten but has become irrelevant. This is a scary thing about the internet, you're talking a site that got first sold to News Corp for $550 million has now been re-sold to Specific Media for $35 million, for those of you at home not wanting to do the math that is a $515 million dollar loss, truly a significant loss.
     The scary thing about the internet is how quickly it all happened, we're talking a 6 year period for myspace to not only devalue significantly but for it to become utterly irrelevant in the market. Which raises the question of is $35 million too much for a site that has such little traffic and customer loyalty?
     But there is another competitor on the horizon, Google has just recently released beta of their own social media program Google +, which is invite only for now, and looks fantastic. Everyone that has taken a look at it has only spoken kind words about the program. So is facebook in trouble?
     Facebook is an empire, true, I understand, but so was myspace and look at it now. Google is a big enough name and has big enough funds to take over the social network scene if they desired. Can anyone stand up to Google, well Facebook surely could, we are about to witness a battle between two internet giants, and also let's not forget that with myspace being sold, that this can only mean that Specific Media has plans of trying to get the fallen giant back in the game. Which brings us to a vicious battle that will soon take place between the industry Giants and the fallen underdog.
      This is not all bad, this is actually a very good thing, this means that Facebook and Google will both begin to evolve and offer us the consumer more options, better services and so on, in order to get our loyalty. Which is always welcomed, evolution is always a good thing.
        One big advantage brought up by XKCD this week is that our families are not in the Google social media, facebook has become so big that parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, all have accounts, meaning they all have access to your posts, pictures and so forth. The argument for different security settings can be made, but honestly, who even messes with that stuff anyway, a very limited amount of paranoid people, the rest of us just don't post very personal pics and posts there as to avoid being reprimanded by a family member or getting in trouble at work/church/school/etc.
       Phillip De Franco does a pretty good job covering this whole story too, check his Thursday vlog HERE
 What do you think about this whole social network battle that is underway?  Leave a comment bellow and let us know what you think :)

   Anyway, hope you all had a fantastic week and that this weekend is a great one,

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