Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Funny-Embarrasing "Hastings" Story

        There exists this video rental store by my house called "Hastings" where I rent everything that I cannot find on Netflix instant stream, I usually get all new movies or older stuff that Netflix doesn't have there. Hastings has this really convenient program where if you return a movie by the nest day that you rent it you receive credit to your account which you may use in your next purchase. This comes in really handy and makes renting there really cheap sometimes. So when you go to "check out" the cashier rings your movies through and the credits come up on the computer. Let's say for example you just rented Titanic and returned it the next day, so when you go to rent another movie and go to "check out" there will be a note that will pop up in the computer saying something along the lines of "Titanic -$2,50" and you'll receive that credit. K, now that we got that out of the way, on to the story.
       Though I don't like to admit it much I am a nerd, and one of the nerdiest qualities I have is liking anime. Hastings happens to have a significant collection of anime so I sometimes rent shows there that I can't find on Netflix. I happen to have seen an anime I particularly enjoyed called "Tsubasa Chronicles" and was told that there is a spin off anime that is called "Xxxholic" that was supposed to be even better then Tsubasa so I rented them from Hastings, keep in mind that these are both kids anime shows, like kids Japanese cartoons. I then while I was home realized that Xxxholic is on Netflix so I returned it the next day, just made sense to do so.
      So to sum up so far:

      So I go back a few days later so rent a few movies for the weekend. I find all the movies I was looking for and head to the cashier line, which happened to be really big that particular day. So this cute Hastings worker opens another cashier and signals me to head over to her line which makes me feel all awesome and such, "cute cashier is calling me over to the front of the line, this must be my day" I thought. So she goes about the regular process of scanning my card and scans the first movie, and guess what comes up on the computer screen, "Xxxholic -$1.50", to which she pauses, looks at the screen again, and looks back at me with judging eyes.
     At this point I realize that Hastings happens to have an Adult Movies section and that this girl thinks I rented one previously due to the title of this particular anime. I freeze at this point, not sure how to react, here is a really attractive girl looking at me expecting either some explanation or just a shrug, and guess which one I choose to do....I shrugged. Why? Because for that split second it felt that an attractive girl would be more ok with me renting an adult title then an anime. So in my head I came to the split second conclusion that Anime < Adult title, which seems all kinds of messed up as far as the world operates, but that IS how the world operates.
      Till this day whenever I go to the store this girl gives me the knowing look of doom, and I want to go explain what happened to her but restrain myself cause when you try to justify something it usually means you're guilty of something so it just makes sense to refrain from doing so. Cause something in me says that I would rather this girl think me a perv then a nerd. Now that's pretty messed up thinking, I know, but that's high school politics ingrained in my head, tough to get rid of it.
      This was a good laugh to all my friends though, they thought this whole story was comic relief to the max, thus I decided to share it with you all. 

      Well, this is my unfortunate embarrassing story, lol, hope it made some of you laugh,

         Love from your humble blogger,


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