Monday, July 18, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Review

        I got the chance to watch the new Harry Potter film this last weekend and have to admit that though the movie provides us with a solid conclusion to the series, that it does not wow us in the way that it could have had. Don't take me wrong, the movie was great, good combat sequences, good acting (for the most part), and a good ending movie over all.
         The movie has you focused on the story from beginning to end, but it does not have the wow feature one could wish for while watching it. It felt like it was lacking something, like something was off about it, though it delivered a good spectacle over all, it felt lacking in parts. This mostly applies to those that did not read all the books and only watched the movies, so really this review will make a lot of sense to those that only watched the movies the most, but I think those book fans out there will appreciate some of these observations as well.
        *Warning Some Spoilers*
        Things That Would Have Made The Movie Great:
This is the look of doooooom....ummm, I mean love of course

1. Harry and Ginny

         In the movies we really are never given the chance and time we need in order to fall in love with Ginny's character. She gets introduced, they kind of get acquainted and out of no where Harry is macking on Ron's sister. It's way to sudden, there's little to no time for us to get to know her or care about their romance. With Ron and Hermione we have tons of epic build up, from the first movie to the last there are very systematic intentional moments of us falling in love with not just their characters but their love as well. Even in advertising, Harry and Ginny did not get the same luxury.

Classy couple really

         Even the kiss between Harry and Ginny in the final film is weird and awkward, lacking passion. Think back on the movies, you could put all of Ginny's lines into a two page script, what were they thinking? With more romance between them, character development and some more lines then we would have come to love Ginny and truly appreciate her screen time on the last film. As it stands right now every time we saw her this past movie we knew we needed to have this feeling of "Awwww" but instead could only have the *awkward silence* feelings.
        I'm sorry Ginny but you should have taken us on a few dates before thinking you would just steal our hearts.  

I do what I want, deal with it

   2. Dumbledore

      This is a significant major flaw in the film, we never get to truly care about Dumbledore and in the last flick we end thinking that he was a jerk at best, and that his brother is the man. This is not the case in the books, I know, but it is the case in the movie. In the movie we have a non caring Dumbledore in the possession of the elder wand who lets his first year students fight the most dreaded wizard of all. This doesn't get better in other years, the guy practically does nothing to aid the students. We're talking a super strong wizard, who runs one of the largest magic schools in the world, who doesn't do crap, he actually does more harm then good at times by withholding information and just plain not being there when needed.
      So in his demise on the 6th movie there really aren't a lot of tears to be shed for the guy. To make matters worse we find out he's a jerk in the 7th movie. Then we later on get a good interaction of Harry and Dumbledore towards the end of the flick but it still doesn't cure all the wrong he did in the past, which makes his badass brother the man. His brother did more magic then Dumbledore ever did in all 7 books and the guy was only truly present in the last book/movie.
      By giving us more action Dumbledore sequences and tying in some loose ends we would have cared more about Dumbledore, and it would have mattered more that he was there for Harry in the end.

I'll stay by your side....well sort of

   3. Hagrid

      This is a minor point but still a point none of the less. Hagrid is an integral character in the films, he is present in every movie and in every movie has an important role to play in aiding Harry, thus making us have a soft spot for the man. I mean he has an important role in all the movies except the one that matters most, the last one. We're talking end of the world battle going on and Hagrid is no where to be seen, the guy just up and vanishes, no explanations or anything.
      Tell me something, if you're about to take down the most evil wizard of all time would you not want to recruit the help of your friend that has an arsenal of monsters at his side that can aid you? We're talking a giant, a dragon, a three headed dog, and that's just the beginning. There's also the horse-men within the enchanted forest that Hagrid could have recruited. That is a huge hole. I'm sure that after the battle Harry had a few guilt trip moments toward Hagrid for being absent when the whole thing is going on.

Did we just forget about "The Goblet Of Fire"?

     4. The Final Battle

       Now that you can see how we got here, here is how the battle would have been 10 x more epic. If they had recruited the help of the other schools, if they had all of Hagrid's beasts to fight along side them. If they had gotten some dragons to aid them (if you can speak snake, I'm sure Dragon Lure wouldn't be too hard to learn), by getting all the parents of the students to aid in the battle, (sidenote: why is it that the only families that is fighting together in this whole mess are the Weasleys and the Malfoys?).
     Basically getting all the beasts and friends they met in 7 years of schooling to come and help defeat the most evil wizard of all. It just doesn't make sense to not do so. this would have made the battle epic and meaningful, it would tie it all together to a battle of good versus evil and we would have more stock on how the world would be doomed if they failed.

     Think about it, you know I'm right. There are several plot holes that needed to be amended and by following these simple logical steps they would have wowed everyone that watched the movie. As it stands now the movie was great, I agree, but it wasn't an "AMAZING!", it was a simple "yay, good movie".

      What did you think of the movie? Do you agree/disagree with with I think above?

     Love from your humble blogger,


  1. I totally agree with you. I was OK, but not wonderful. It is worth to see it anyway.
    Good critic!

  2. From the start I felt something was missing - you got it right.
    Good article.

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  4. Yes but you see the centaurs don't like humans becuase they think that they're better than us if not equal and they consider helping the wizards just about the lowest thing that can happen to a centaur.

    Second how on earth do you import dragons within five seconds to help in a battle because the way I saw it Harry got there and they had what ten minutes to get ready for war? You can't exactly have dragons flying in from Romania now can you. Even if they asked the Ministry it still wouldn't have been done because the Ministry was under the control of Death Eaters.

    And with DUmbledore, yes he wasn't there but you forget that by Dumbledore just being at Hogwarts it prevented Voldemort from basically slaughtering everybody there. Also though DUmbledore in the movie didn't let much on he did explain some things.

    Now on Ginny and Harry I kind of agree with you, we don't see much of Ginny and her character comes across as bland when in fact she is not. Then again the photo you chose to represent them wasn't exactly the right one now was it? They were hiding a possibly dangerous book that contained a dark curse you can't exactly be all happy go lucky and love-dovey when you're hiding a book that has a Dark Curse in it.

    To be fair they did have Hagrid's brother helping in the movie and they got rid of the three-headed dog they can't exactly keep that thing in the castle with no plausable reason and with the dragons I mentioned it before. And Hagrid doesn't keep giant monsters form what I've read he has the monsters but it's only for lessons then they're gotten rid of they kill eachother (the monsters not Hagrid) so you can't really say that the guy has arsenal monsters at his aid when really he doesn't.

    And last I'm not sure if my memory is very good on this but didn't a hord of giant spiders attack the castle in the movie or was it just in the books (I have to look into that)? Because if there were spiders in the movie then it would explain why Hagrid disappeared because as I assume you've read the books it's the reason for why Hagrid disappears.

    I actually quite disagree with you I thought it was an amazing movie and though you may not (plenty of other people) may think that it was only a good movie I thought it was great and the part where he's talking to his mum and dad actually made me tear up but not cry as I'm not a very teary person.

  5. Thank you for your comment, I'll attempt to argue some of your points though I agree with you on quiet a few of your points. I've recently rewatched the movie and truly love it, I think the book itself could have been better written, at least the epic finale, but I still loved it a lot.
    ok, here we go:

    1. True about the centaurs, but if you include a "insert end of the world warning here" line they might be more prone to help, finding that if Voldemort wins the end of their existence would follow.

    2. There are always ways to transport people and objects in a second within the magical world, as we have seen from other movies. Also there are other magical items within the school that were not used that could have been included, but that's a minor side-note.

    3.I agree with you about Dumbledore, my comment was about him within the movies, he really isn't as present as he should have been, I few he wasn't portrayed as he should have been.

    4. Lol, I agree with you

    5. I agree with you, solid point

    6. Don't remember the spiders....but there should have been spiders if there were none, good call there

    and in conclusion, I agree with you on the mom and dad scene, and assure you that I am a fan of both the book and movie, I just think it could have been greater and better. One should always seek to look at things and see how they could improve, only way to make greater an better things.

    Thanks again for the detailed comment, I enjoyed reading it

  6. thanks for review i liked it very much