Saturday, September 29, 2012

Looper, Hotel Tran, The Master and Pitch Perfect: Reviewed!

    This weekend wasn't a fantastic weekend for movies in general but it did provide us with one of the greatest sci-fi movies of the year, I was very impressed by it. For those that are new to the blog please read this ARTICLE in order to learn about our rating system the MMM, it'll make the whole grading thing make a lot more sense. One discrepancy is upon us for this post though, I did not watch one of these movies and am counting on a close friend's opinion on it, so there will be no MMM rating for that particular movie, keep in mind that all that is said about that movie is coming from my friend Marie, she knows her stuff, but alas, let's start this thing already.

 Looper (R) MMM Rating: 4 stars

    Making a film about time travel is always difficult and it always leaves some holes that make the whole story either lacking something or confusing. This particular movie does not fall into this category, "Looper" does not disappoint, it truly delivers a great cinematic experience and a full bodied story. The cast is superb and the direction the movie takes is profound in various ways. This is by far the best sci-fi movie I've seen this whole year, and that is a big deal for we've seen some sci-fi giants so far this year. This movie has everything you could want though, fighting, romance, deep plots, good acting, basically everything one could desire from a good film, I recommend this movie for sure, you should watch it and buy it when it comes out, a great addition to your collection.

  Hotel Transylvania (PG) MMM Rating 3 stars

     A hotel for monsters where humans are treated as the real threat, this was a great idea, not something that has never been done but something that has never been done well, in a children's movie kind of way. The movie was a true blast to see, the jokes were fresh, the story progression was fluid, and both adults and children in the theater were entertained throughout the whole performance, it was a stand up flick. There hasn't been an animation this good in a little while, we were due for a good kids animation movie. The only thing I thought was cliche and though the kids liked it I thought they could have done without was the ending rap scene, it's just so cliche, Shrek did it and they did it well, then everyone decided to do it as well and now it's just kinda old, besides that though this was a fun watch.

   The Master (R) MMM Rating 3.5 stars

    If you are in the mood for a dense movie with a heavy plot and controversial themes this is the movie for you. "The Master" is not your typical drama, it messes with your interaction with each character within the picture, you go from liking a character to hating them to being ensure about them to just not knowing how to react. This is the type of movie where if I say too much it might ruin some of the awesomeness of it thus I will refrain from speaking about plot points within the movie. Tell you what though, Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman where brilliant, it's tough to find a film where Hoffman is not fantastic in, but this one he shone in ways that he hasn't in a little while and it was good to see Joaquin impressing us once more. If you are into heavy dramas I recommend you give this movie a chance, not everyone will like this movie though, it's just that kind of movie.

   Pitch Perfect (PG-13) MMM Rating [Not Rated]

      I did not go watch this flick so these are the impressions given by Ms Marie. "The movie was really cute and funny, I took my roommates so just us girls, to go watch it. This is not a guy movie, I would never drag my boyfriend to go see this, but it's definitely a good girl night out flick. The movie is witty and cute and I had a blast throughout the whole thing, this is definitely not the greatest movie I've ever seen but it was a fun one to watch. Grab some friends together and give it a chance, I know you'll enjoy it, leave the guys at home though, well, unless you enjoy torturing your man".

   And there you have it, hope your weekend it going well, stay safe and have fun,

  Love from your humble blogger,

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