Friday, July 22, 2011

Google + And The War on Facebook

            We've recently done a post about the sale of Myspace for considerably less then it was bought for, and how much the market changes so quickly. Also we mentioned Google + and how it is now engaging in war with facebook for the social network standard. The war of the social network titans has begun, and it has been a fierce battle. Not that the other two titans in the industry mind of course.

             I got a Google + account about 2 weeks back and after playing around with all the features within it, I've become a very big fan of Goggle + fast. They won my loyalty over facebook by their slick looks, their security/privacy set up system (social network bubbles), no ads anywhere, and just information sharing at it's best. Plus it's invite only right now so there's only a portion of the populace exploring this new domain, thus so far rounds one through three of this epic titan fight go to Google +.

Goggle+ vs Facebook by Zirta
             Of course facebook will remain relevant for the years to come, it's not as if Google + will be successful in defeating facebook in a year or so, but maybe in two to three years either we'll be seeing some significant changes to facebook (in order to compete) or a massive amount of people flow leave facebook to join Google +.


             We've seen facebook battle many an opponents who were hungry for the title and win, but facebook has never come face to face with something as massively awesome and powerful as Google +, and thus I look forward to this battle continuing, in the end we are the ones that win, we get more content, better services, and a better social network, all thanks to competition.
Google+ by *Octans
          How do you feel about Google +, better or worse then facebook? Do you think Google will win in the end?

          Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and a glorious Friday,

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