Thursday, April 7, 2011

Know Your Blogger Unplugged: Musicals We Love

            I was thinking the other day about the many influences we each have within our lives. The people that inspired us, the people that mentored us, the artists we looked up to, the movies that made us dream and artists that made is cry. There are a lot of ways that art as a whole has influenced those within the dance world and beyond. One of these ways and one of my favorite things are Musicals.
            Musicals are one of the many ways that helped spread popularity within dance. Who can forget the incredible performances of Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire? Even now musicals are being made and continue to inspire those that previously did not have a love for dance to possess a love for dance.
            What were some of the musicals that defined your career? What musicals inspired you as a child? What actor or actress did you look at as a child and think, “I want to dance like that when I grow up”?
            I grew up watching musicals. My mother loved musicals so I grew up watching “Singing in the Rain”, “Anchor’s Away”, “West Side Story”, the list goes on and on. I remember as a child watching the ‘make them laugh’ sequence within “Singing in the Rain” and wanting really bad to be able to dance like they did.
            My personal favorite musical has to be “Kiss me Kate”, I truly enjoy that musical, the songs, the way they portray the Shakespearean play in the end, it’s all fantastic.
            In my life, it was the influence of these movies that made me join theater programs in high school and love going to see my friends perform during college. What are your experiences with musicals? Have you personally been in any?
           Let me know what you guys think on the comment box bellow, on our facebook or shoot me an email with your opinion.

            And sorry about the light being red….I didn’t have yellow markers, and yes I know, I’m a great stick figure artist, lol.

       Love from your humble blogger and artist,


  1. Love it! What a nice drawing!

  2. I read the above post and think Chicago should win, if the debate is between those three then Chicago has the better cast, songs, and overall performance. That's just me