Monday, July 11, 2011

An Evening With Anne Polajenko: "Pre-Arched Pointe Shoes"

Pre arched Pointe shoes:

What is a pre-arched shoe?

       These shoes are a fairly recent development in the construction of Pointe shoes. The pre-arch refers to

the type of leather shank which in this case is specially made to be very flexible and conform to the dancer's

arch. Once it has taken its shape, the "memory" arch remains the same.
       One advantage of a pre-arched shoe is that it breaks in more easily which makes it a good shoe for the stage.
       So'Dança makes a variety of styles in pre-arched shoes. These include styles for each type of foot:

Greek (with a longer second toe), Egyptian (toes slanting diagonally) and Square. There are style with "U"

shaped vamps as well as the very popular new "V" shape vamp.

                                --- Anne Polajenko

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