Monday, August 1, 2011

Cowboys And Aliens, The Brashest Movie Of The Summer

        The summer is very close to being over and the summer blockbusters will come to a close unfortunately. In this final weekend of July we found ourselves face to face with one of the most absurdly brash movie ever attempted on the big screen. But first let us define brash:

Brash: Self-assertive in a rude, noisy, or overbearing way. (
 Used it in a sentence:
    Tim: Have you seen the latest Michael Bay flick?
    Bob: Yeah man, it was so brash I could barely handle it.

     So let's examine the elements of this movie and let me show you how incredibly over the top this movie is:

        Alien movies have always been around us. We have this stark-raving-mad fascination with space and the unknown factors within the vast infinite universe. Most of these movies portray us fighting said alien race and after much death and turmoil we end up winning in the end and wiping out the alien invasion. Typical alien flick, and there is always a main character that has to go through many obstacles to finally be able to eliminate said intergalactic threat.
   One would imagine the presence of aliens would be brash enough for a movie but no, not for this movie, not even close.

        Oh cowboys, the symbol of everything that it is to be a man. Well, at least what they thought a man should behave like 50 years ago. The Hollywood mainly man was the one who walked by himself, never working in a team, never taking a wife but sleeping around, being rude, never opening up, being a man of few words, having a ton of bromances along the way but always having to witness your bro die in front of you making you even more of a loner. The absurdity of this picture is way to brash for me to even fathom it, no wonder our generation gave birth to emo kids and hipsters, the total rejection and complete rebellion against the cowboy picture.
    But if you think we're done yet, oh, you are mistaken yet again.

       Harrison Ford, has won sexiest men alive contests since he started in the industry. The man is everything a man should want to be, he has fought aliens as Han Solo, has battle Nazis as Indiana Jones, battled terrorists as the president of the United States in Air Force One (which in itself is a significant brash movie), and many many more. This is the perfect actor to put in this movie, Harrison Ford as a bitter sheriff (man's man) with a knack for justice and a permanent scowl, yeah, the imagine of a perfect Hollywood cowboy. One would imagine that one such icon would be enough, but no, we don't stop there yet.

       Daniel Craig, recently known for his countless action movies and his amazing performance as the new James Bond, the brashest of them all. In truth Daniel Craig is just a quieter Jason Stathan, they do the same type of movies, they basically have the same dialogue, they get the girl, they beat up the bad guy and win in the end. Congratulations, you've watched almost every movie by the duo just by that description above. But most importantly both actors represent the actors in line to take Harrison Ford's place in the Hollywood world. So by including Daniel in this movie we not only have him and Harrison being cowboys battling aliens, but a clear picture of a "Major General Man" working with a "Staff Sergeant Man", thus providing us with brashness that knows no bounds.

        So when you go watch this movie please keep in mind that you are about to be blown away by an overbearing display of unexcused brashness that would make Michael Bay look like a mere child. So be warned.

       If you have already seen the movie what were your thoughts and reactions to it all?

    Love from your humble blogger,



  2. Worst movie I ever seen...I hate this movie and never wish to watch it again...NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE..

  3. lol, yeah, it's a brash movie, can't expect it to be good, it's one of those stupid movies you watch with your friends and make fun of from beginning to end. Hence the brashness.