Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Google Empire

           Let me start this off by saying that I'm a big fan of Google, so this is not a knock on Google by any stretch, it's just a thought exercise, if you will.
         Google right now has a lot of influence over the populous, I mean, a lot. Think about it, whenever you are in an argument and no solution is drawing near we almost always say something like: "I'll Google it" or "I'll look it up later when I'm home" which basically means "When I get home I'll Google it". With the addition of smart phones this becomes even more frequent, and though I enjoy destroying poor fools that spout off nonsense with a good "Let's Google that, before you talk more and rob me of my intelligence", this dependence on Google has me wondering if this is a good thing.

            The Google auto-finish feature is clutch I agree, and so is it's guidance when spelling words. This is a new one I've come to realize, the amount of people using Google as a dictionary is astounding, and why wouldn't you, Google has the biggest resource or answers in the whole net, if Google doesn't know it then no one does. Or at least that's what we've come to accept in our culture, and worse in the new sprouting generations.

             Google is a search engine monopoly, but this is not the scary part, the worry comes in that everything Google does it does well, and recently Google has been doing almost everything. We got a Google phone, Google car, Google +, Gmail, and a TON more (click on ton to see the rest, and yes I found that using Google), there is no telling what they will do next.

             So either Google will continue to grow and remain being the benevolent company we love, or it will become a main villain, merge with Apple Inc, build T1 robots and be our very own "real life" Skynet, bringing with it the end of the world.

           Maybe that's a tad over-dramatic, but if you don't believe me that the threat is real then Google it and you'll see I'm right. Google is never wrong.

       What are your thoughts on the ever growing Google empire?

     Love from your humble blogger,

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