Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh Hollywoood, why?!

           A little while ago Hollywood presented us with a remake for Fame, which to some was sacrilege, we're talking a movie made in 1980 being remade and "modernized" 30 years later. One would imagine that Hollywood's bloodlust would be quenched by now, but that is not the case, it seems there is another sacrilege being prepared on the horizon, Footloose.

           Footloose originally came out in 1984, that's four years more recent then Fame, you might think that I'm being a stickler about time here but time is an important factor to watch for. If these numbers are right we might be seeing a remake of "Chicago" in the next 10 years or so, and a remake or sequel to "Black Swan" as well. Needless to say my fears go out to movies like "Grease" or "Dirty Dancing", or even worse, what if they decide to do a remake of "Singing in the Rain", got your attention now didn't I. Yeah, there is no dignity on the screen, that or Hollywood is legitimately running out of original ideas.

        Inception was the last movie released with an actual originality aim. I can't think of any other movie that was well produced, had a good cast, and attempted to push the boundaries of the norm, be it via special effects and amazing story line. We are in desperate need for some good movies to come out, not only good movies, but good original stories.

           We are the next generation, it is our duty to make this dream a reality, we must push the system, strive to create what has never been thought up, to speak out and have our own voice, in order to end this state of stagnation that we find ourselves in right now. In the times of our fathers, they sought to create a better world but in the end lost part of their imagination for it, we must strive to correct this wrong. To breath life into the entertainment industry. Let us rise up and take over and show the world how beautiful imagination can be.

            The act of creation is not one usually filled with smiles and laughs, but it is one filled with rewards and accomplishments. People will tell you to accept the norm, to keep your head down and not voice your opinion, but do not listen to those people, these are the same people that due to their loss of imagination have placed us in a black hole of creativity.

          When you dream, dream BIG, there is no reason why you should not, and when you try to do anything give it your BEST, anything else just won't do. And remember that regardless of success or not, what matters most is that you put yourself out there and sought to change the world. This is what matters most, the true attempt to make something awesome occur. Think about school, if a professor is impossibly hard and you never try you will fail the class and feel sad, but if you try your hardest and still fail the class, you finish knowing that you gave it your all, that you fought till the end. A simple fact to remember in life and a good one to keep close is that at times you will fail, you will fall, you will lose. It is not a matter of how many times you fall, what counts is the amount of times you get back up and continue to fight.
     (Here's a good clip from "Dead Poets Society" to illustrate my point)

        Thus I encourage you now to "Seize the Day", to grab life by the horns and lead it to it's full potential.

   Have an encouraging Monday, and a great week,

      Love from your humble blogger,

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