Monday, September 12, 2011

The Importance of Exercising And Dieting Realistically

          There is a significant importance on exercising daily. A good part of your health is determined by your diet and your exercise regiment. This regiment can be the cure to some diseases and help extend life for a while longer. Thus one should always exercise at least 3 times a week and though there is no need to be anal about things, you should be careful about what you eat daily.

          There is a darkside to working out though, a miss conception built up by movies, television, and ad campaigns. The presentation of the female and male models as perfect. What do I mean by this? Well it's simple, with Photoshop being the prevalent software used in all media mediums we have seized to have normal bodied actors and models, and begun to have "perfect" bodied edited people, that no work out could make you like them, and no diet will ever suffice.

         It's important to tackle working out with your body type in mind, and realize your limits. By doing this you will not push your body to a limit it was not meant to be at. It's a horrible stigma that's hit today's world, where girls open magazines and are told what they should look like, but at the same time showing them what they will never look like, unless you go through plastic surgery, and vomit all your meals. The whole thing is obscene, and it's only getting worse.

         I think it's important to raise awareness on issues that are going unnoticed by the majority of the population. This is a HUGE deal, we're talking young girls and boys being given this social stigma of what a perfect man and woman look like and then shoving it in their face that no matter what you attempt, that in the end you will always come up short. Personally I think there should be warning labels on all ads, something on the bottom saying something like *Photo has been photoshopped and actor/actress's flaws have been removed*

          Am I being to extreme? Maybe, but that's besides the point, the point is that something needs to be done and nothing has been done, even worse this has become a more normal thing as time passes. It's a sad state we are in. Thus here is my point and advise, while exercising and dieting are both good things, you should know your limits and not attempt to look like a photoshopped doll. Do workout but in a healthy manner, and remember that having a good consistent diet is of equal importance as well.

          Don't let the media define what you should look like, through personal conviction and confidence go and define what the media should look like.    Raise Awareness.

      Love from your humble blogger,

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