Monday, September 19, 2011

The Importance of Hydration: H2O

    With all the current hydration products out in the market right now, many have come to forget the most important natural resource and best hydrating product ever to exist, good old H2O, for the ones that forgot middle school science, water.

   Gatorade has become the norm for all things hydration when dealing with professional sports, true there might be water inside the Gatorade coolers instead of Gatorade, but the message is still there as clear as day, Gatorade will hydrate you better than water.

    I think it's important to be aware of all the marketing we undergo a day, and to analyze how much of it is accurate and how much is just plain lunacy. I mentioned 5 hour energy last week, and for good reason, did you know that one bottle of 5 hour energy has all the vitamin B one needs, for an entire week! Yeah, and they recommend you drink a weeks worth of vitamin B a day, it's freaking insane! Same with Gatorade, there are a ton of additives in Gatorade, least mentioned of all tons of sugar, which means, if you drink Gatorade for hydration while doing something that is not burning a lot of calories, you will end up gaining weight from it.

     The point here is simple, water trumps everything else, there is one brand that does add electrolytes to the water, Smart-water, which is actually very healthy for you, between the water brands out there I'm a Smart-water and Fiji water guy, no after-taste for either one.

     Remember that nothing hydrates you better then water, there is no man made substance that will do the trick, so next time you go to exercise, dance, sing, compete, or be in the sun all day, remember that the best most healthy thing you could possibly drink is a cold cup of water.

        Love from your humble blogger,

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