Monday, November 14, 2011

The Cost Of Doing The Right Thing

         It is always better to do the right thing than to do what you know is wrong in order to please those around you. This is a simple fact, it might not seem that way while you are going through the trials of doing the right thing, but in the end it is always worth it. For some reason in this life doing the right thing is not an easy thing to do, sometimes it's even opposite our desires or instincts and therefore many times the right thing to do gets ignored and evil runs free unchecked. There is a sickness in this world, and doing nothing is only aiding this sickness to grow.

        The right thing can be something simple like helping that kid that gets picked on at school, or buying a homeless person a meal, or even something as simple as not littering. It can also call on bigger things like standing up to a teacher or authority figure when they do or say something that is inherently wrong, or even harder standing up to your friends when you know they are wrong. In fact it is easier for people to go, take up signs, and protest the streets than  for that same person to confront himself/herself or a close friend. This is a step above family even, we critique family all the time, but when it comes to our closest friends we become shy and decide to not act on it. There is a sickness in this world, and you could help fix it.

      Of course there is a right way to go about doing the right thing, anything to the extreme is an evil, meaning anything taken to the extreme becomes something destructive, take truth as an example. Truth is something good, something we should all carry with us, something we should rely on and fight to protect, but at the same time complete honesty can be brutality. One could seriously hurt another by stating truths that do not need to be said, this is using truth as a weapon, and truly there is nothing as dark in this world as when one uses something good for a wrong reason. So everything in it's time and season, nothing to the extreme, including the good. There is a sickness in this world, and it taints the good sometimes as well.

      This topic could be taken as polemic but it is not, there is nothing new within this topic nothing dangerous, nothing that you have not already seen or that you don't already know, there is a need in our world for people to stand up for truth, for kindness, for love, and to help spread hope to those that have none, while spreading joy to all around us. I do not think this is a dream that cannot be accomplished, I do think that a complete accomplishing of this dream is impossible but not all of it. So we can't change the world 100%, then let us fight to change it 20% or 50%, I would rather live in a world where people fight for the right things to prevail, than to live in a world we have given up and accepted that there is no changing the world around us.

      Pay it forward, if you haven't seen this movie, drop everything you are doing, go home and watch it, and learn something from it. Try to include at least one random act of kindness in your day today, and maybe even throughout your week, let us come together and fight to make a difference.

    Love from your humble blogger,

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