Friday, November 4, 2011

Marvel's Big Move: "The Avengers"

    There are many ways that one could come and finish this week's comic book segment, but there is only one proper way to do it, and that is to point out the significance of The Avengers movie that is coming out next year. This movie is a big deal for a series of reasons, we're talking Marvel having to plan about 10 years of marketing in advance in order to pave the way for this movie to be a success. There are a lot of heroes involved, if you don't give each hero a solid fan base then you got yourself just another flop, but if this movie goes well and everyone loves it, then the way is already being paved for a sequel, the possibilities are endless, and their marketing team deserves not only a raise but a medal, for being awesome.

     This whole movement was done in two movies per year segments, though it started a little before then, with the release of the X-Men in 2000. X-men being a huge success Marvel decided to incorporate more of its heroes into the big screen and there we got Spider-Man. The issue here was that both these movies made tons of money and so they decided to give both series more funding for their second release, and thank God that they did, cause both movies had fantastic sequels, X-Men 2 and Spider-Man 2 were accepted by the whole populous and become huge hits, specially Wolverine (who was played by Hugh Jackman, who is now the permanent actor for that role). But then we hit some rough times, after a successful sequel Marvel decided to do a third segment for both movies, and we know how that turned out, X-Men 3 wasn't good but it was watchable, Spider-Man 3 was horrible, beyond horrible, the third segment of this movie successfully destroyed this franchise, it was almost sad to watch. But then, out of the horizon, we found hope.

   In 2008 Marvel released two movies that changed the game forever, the first was Iron Man and boy that movie did serious work. Till this time we didn't really have a wide mass love and respect for super hero movies, but after RB Jr. came into the scene that all changed. This movie pushed the boundaries it showed us a very corrupt arrogant prick who becomes a leading superhero, basically saying, "Hey, yeah you aren't perfect, but even with your character flaws people can change", which wow'ed the masses, the first realistic character in the sense or portraying the filth that consumes humanity sometimes. The big deal of this movie was it's ending, with Samuel Jackson coming into the scene as Nick Fury and recruiting Tony Stark for a team, now that is a huge deal, that changed the game. Two months after this we have the same thing going on with the Hulk, Nick Fury comes in and it's time to play ball. Let's not remember the 2003 Hulk, that was a definite fail, but the 2008 one was a lot better, oh reboots, sometimes I love you.

     Then we fast-forward to 2011 where we get both Thor and Captain America being released, both solid movies, Thor wasn't fantastic I would admit, but it was a Thor movie, and for that fact alone it was a job well done....think with me for a second, how does one create a good Thor can't, so I feel that the director came mighty close to something good, which in turn deserves major props. Within both of these movies we get Nick Fury, teasers, little easter eggs here and there, it's quiet impressive how they accomplished so much and done so well in such a short time. With The Avengers coming out next year, I would say Marvel did well in preparing us to be blown away by their awesomeness.

        Oh, it doesn't stop there, here are a few more things to consider. First is recognizing the director of this flick Joss Whedon who's work can be seen in the movies and shows: Toy Story, Firefly, Serenity, Buffy: the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Dr. Horrible's sing-along-blog (a must watch if you're an NPH fan), and his work on the show Dollhouse, the man is practically a writing deity and therefore deserves some respect. Secondly is the fact that if this movie goes well then the possibilities are endless for the sequel. Did you know that Wolverine and Spider-Man where part of the Avengers? Yeah, why do you think they're rebotting the Spider-Man series, for show, nah, it's to open doors of opportunity. Can you imagine what that movie might look like with the inclusion of both Wolverine and Spider-Man to the picture, yeah, I know, I just blew your mind.

    To close let me put all this into context for you, here is the big deal that is going on around you, we have a huge selection of comic book induced tv shows and movies that have come out or are coming out, some of these movies tie into each other and for some of them even the tv show ties into the movies as well. We have not only amazing directors working on these movies but also a huge cast of actors that want to be part of this as well. This movement is just beginning, Marvel is making moves which means that DC will soon respond with it's own slew of movies. This is going to be a beautiful war where the winner will be us the consumers.

     Be sure to have a fantastic weekend and get some rest if you can,

    Love from your humble blogger,

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