Friday, November 18, 2011

Let "The Fairest Of Them All" Win!!

     Unbeknownst' to us but knowst' to Hollywood sometimes we get movies that come in pairs, think of it as a battle royal within the movie world and in the end we all win, or we all lose when they are both terrible. This next year we get a chance to watch two different Snow White movies, both of which look ok, obviously after you watch the previews you will clearly know which one I am looking forward to the most, no hidden secret there, but here are both previews, let the battle begin!

   Mirror Mirror

A solid cast, agreed, but watch this other preview prior to making a decision:

   Snow White and The Huntsman

    Insane right! Why do movie companies think that its a great idea to create movie battles? I have no idea, politics, rivalries, who knows really but this is not the first time this has happened. The most memorable ones for me had to be:

"Armageddon" vs "Deep Impact"

Winner: Armageddon, though I recently watched Deep Impact again and really enjoyed it, very emotional movie.

"The Prestige" vs "The Illusionist" 

Winner: The Illusionist, though the prestige has a solid cast and story, the awesome love story behind the Illusionist is epic and Edward Norton is a boss.

"Antz" vs "A Bug's Life"

 Winner: A Bug's Life, for some reason Antz thought it could stand up to a disney flick, and obviously failed, no contest there. Lesson to learn? "Never fight against Pixar *period*"

"Surf's Up" vs "Happy Feet"

   Winner: Surf's Up, this is one is tough, honestly very difficult, cause both movies are really good, but Surf's Up has more likable characters, you leave that movie liking more characters than while watching Happy Feet. In the big scheme of things I guess I have to admit that Happy Feet won being that it's getting a sequel....but everything gets a sequel now-a-days so that doesn't say too much.

"Dante's Peak" vs "Volcano"

   Winner: NO ONE, we all lose, both these movies were wretched, it was a battle of horrid proportions, you watch one and think "there is no way the other can be equal or worse to this" but it is TRUST, they accomplished a movie history DOUBLE FAIL with this pair.

And so the polls are open, which Snow White movie do you think is going to win this battle?

   Love from your humble blogger,

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