Friday, February 10, 2012

The Godfather In 3D!!!

     You know that feeling at the pit of your stomach that you had as you read the title to this blog, this is the feeling you will soon be experiencing in the near future. With the rise of 3D movies and movie companies wanting to make more money on previously released movies be it through remakes, reboots, sequels, prequels or just re-releasing, it would come as no surprise if they actually decided to show "The Godfather" in 3D in theaters, for the record they aren't, Godfather 3D is not in production, you can breath now.

      There is an appeal to 3D movies, some movies are greatly enhanced by the experience, the scary thing right now though is that for some reason there is a permeating thought around Hollywood that 3D can be applied to everything, not only that but that 3D will overtake 2D. This is even the case among television companies who have for the better part of two years been trying to work on releasing 3D TVs all across the world. The question that needs to be answered though is "when is 3D an appropriate medium for watching a film?", we believe that it is a fair question, one we intend to answer here.

      The obvious first answer is that 3D works for cartoons and animated movies, this could also apply to the genres of sci-fi/fantasy, and b-horror movies. Watching a movie like the new "Alice In Wonderland" in 3D brought the movie from ok to awesome very quickly which is a phenomenon that has occurred to other movies among that genre as well. Though there are some movies within that genre that do not depend upon the 3D factor, take any Pixar movie, one could watch any of those movies without the use of 3D and the movies will still be as awesome as with 3D, though the movie might be more 'fun' with 3D the point here is that the movie in itself can exist outside of the 3D realm.

      The problem begins when people start applying 3D to everything that is being made, which in turn actually damages the movie instead of helping it. This is the case for romance, suspense and most if not all drama movies. There is an element of 'fun' that is associated with the 3D scheme, which would detract from the seriousness found in many movies, imagine "Shawshank Redemption" in 3D, it doesn't even sound right, making it three dimensional would detract from the seriousness of the movie and the movie would not have the impact that it could have, had it been shown in its original form. 

     The best application of 3D is to animated movies, also though, 3D is a good find for discovery channel's shows and movies, this is one thing we can't disagree with television companies in. Some shows would be greatly enhanced, like watching the discovery channel's "Planet Earth" in 3D, that sounds like a fun experience, while at the same time watching "Mad Men" in 3D would destroy the show, so there needs to be a balance, an understanding made between viewer and producer that 3D does not compliment everything, in fact in many cases it destroys the emotional impact of a movie or show, thus there needs to be some sort of accountability dealing with which movies or shows can be 3D and which should never be made 3D. 

     The other major issue here is the fact that most movie companies are releasing their movies in 3D only because the tickets for the 3D movies are almost double the price than regular movies, meaning the movie companies make double the profit. This is annoying, for some movies aren't meant to be 3D and are only being shown in 3D because the producers want more money; one can only imagine what a director who is against such an action would think as he saw his masterpiece become cheap entertainment and a ploy to make more money. This is an issue which we hope will not be a case in the future, it can't be hard to come up with better technology so that the prices can be cut down again, this is a need that needs to be met, technology gurus get to work.

    How could we talk about 3D without mentioning the re-release of Star Wars Episode I 3D this weekend, there are a few points to be made here, the first is to recognize that if this first release of the series does not do well then the others will not be released, meaning Lucas Arts decided to torture us by forcing us to watch the first three episodes in 3D and only if they do well can we have episodes IV, V and VI be released, well played guys, well played. As much as it will kill some fans to go and watch Jar Jar in 3D *shudders* fans around the world will still go and support the movie only because of the promise of the original trilogy, even though Lucas included Darth Vader's "Nooooooooooo" in there. Secondly we should realize that if this movie does well that other movie companies might start thinking about doing this as well, which could mean more re-releases to come, and one of those could be an abomination like "The Godfather" in 3D.

    We hope you have had a great week and pray that you may have a glorious weekend,

Love from your humble blogger,

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