Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl 2012 "Commercials and Recap"

     Unfortunately our guest writer Ryan Saunders did not get his prediction to come true, if he had we are sure it would have been a much more interesting match. Congratulations to all Giants fans out there, you did it again, color us impressed. The game in itself was rather slow though, both teams were pretty evenly matched for the majority of the game with stellar defensive teams doing their thing, which usually is a good thing except for at the Super Bow, for it meant that not only was the game slow, it was also a low scoring game, which can be boring to watch. The last 4 minutes proved to be rather interesting, though it would have been even more so if both offensive teams had been on top of their game. The underdog wins again though, and that's always a cool thing. 

As for the half time show Madonna did ok, the issue there was the marketing of her new songs, some of the songs she sang hadn't been released for a long time so few people actually knew them, and that's always a bad thing when playing a huge show, you always wanna play things that your audience knows and loves, at least that way if the show in itself is bad then at least your fans are too engaged in singing your songs to notice how bad the show really is, i.e. last Super Bowl. The performance was interesting, it reminded us of a Lady Gaga performance, that was the first thing some people said actually, so when we heard that some Gaga fans were really annoyed at the show it was no surprise to us. It wasn't all bad though, so we rank it a 3/5. Cee Lo Green and the other stars that joined her made the show great, with them being in the picture we're talking a 4/5, thus Madonna's show was saved.

Which now leaves us with the commercials, we tried to put together the best commercials but there were so many really funny ones so here are a few that stole the show:

The Doritos Bribe:

Camero Graduation Gift:

Vampire Audi:

Epic Volkswagen Idea:

Doritos Baby:

G. I. Joe2 Preview Blew Our Minds:

  We've decided to spare you and not place all the bad commercials here, for there were many, here is a list of companies with bad ones: Hunday, Sketchers, Kinect,, Optima, Samsung, but the worst of all due to its weirdness was this one:

   Fiat Weird Commercial:

  And there you have it, we hope you had a fantastic Super Bowl Sunday and we pray that this week may be a good one for you all.

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