Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines Day Advice: Must Knows

     Valentine's Day is tomorrow, the time of year some of us love and some of us hate, generally having to do with whether you are single or not. It's a time of giving and love, about putting your significant other first and placing your needs aside, it can bring people together, re-unite couples, spark up your relationship even more, and by making the person you love happy you will be able to share in that happiness thus causing a spread of happiness, which is a beautiful thing. There are a few things that should be remembered though, some Valentine's Day tips that get forgotten, so listen up, this is must know stuff:


     People get caught up on buying extravagant gifts every Valentine's Day that comes around, this is not necessarily a bad thing but sometimes this cause some troubles for you later on. The first thing to remember is that 9 out of 10 times the small things matter more than the big things, so keeping it simple rather than extravagant can not only work in your advantage but also make a better gift than being absurd with gifts. A simple step that gets overlooked a lot is budgeting, you should always take your budget into consideration and make sure to purchase something you can afford. There are countless stories of love-struck people going out and getting themselves in debt because of Valentine's Day, so please be responsible with your money and remember that sometimes less is more, and that the small things matter more in the long run than the big things.

    Not About You

    It's interesting how Valentine's Day has become something so singular at times, every year we hear stories of boyfriends or girlfriends doing all the work and the other partner not doing anything for they feel like this day is only about them, this is a common fallacy among the world. Valentine's Day is about your partner, its about the people you love and appreciate, its a day where you put your needs aside and take your partner's wants and needs into consideration, not a day to be selfish. Of course this works in moderation here, you can dote on your partner and then allow for them to dote on you, that's logical of course, the issue comes in when a person doesn't understand that this day goes both ways, and that by being selfless this day takes on a new meaning in itself, a greater meaning.

     Not A Competition

     Valentine's Day is not a competition in fact by making it a competition some of the magic about the day is lost, competitions can occur in various forms, and all can ruin a perfectly good day. The most common and deadly form is the "couple competition", a couple trying to one up each other every year on most caring, or most gifts given, and so on, in the end of the day there is a winner and a loser, meaning there isn't equality and the whole point of being selfless goes out the window, by making it a competition you are no longer doing anything as a selfless act but doing everything for the selfish reason of winning the day and getting the Valentine's Day trophy, which defeats the purpose of the day. 

     The One Up Myth

     This is something passed down to all couples starting in middle school and getting more and more ingrained in your head by the time you are in college, the myth that every year you have to "one up" yourself from the year before, this is simply not the case. Every year that goes by while in a relationship you will experience countless sweet and loving moments, these are the moments you should hang on to and remember or recreate at Valentine's Day. Dinners and gifts are nice, but its the celebration of loving moments within your own relationship that will make the day that much more magical. You can recreate your first date, your first kiss, or even a sweet moment that happened the previous year, there is no need to "one up" yourself in gifts or dinners, its not about how extravagant your gifts are, its about the concept behind it, remember that your most valuable Valentine's Day helper are your memories.

    Tomorrow remember what Valentine's Day is all about, place your needs aside and love on the person you are with, remember that sometimes less is more and that its not a competition either with your partner or with yourself. Be sure to place Valentine's Day within your budget and plan realistic events, so that you may not put yourself in a bad place with money. Remember that its not about the price of the gift or the dinner that matters but the significance behind the gift or dinner that matters, these are simple truths.

    We hope you have a fantastic week, and a glorious Valentine's Day,

Love from your humble blogger,


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