Monday, August 13, 2012

A Defense Of Dubstep

   Dubstep had humble beginnings as per most electronica styles that arise new. As per tradition the Europeans were the first to release the "better" songs and the Americans struggled behind trying to make the new style work with their own previously recorded music but failing at every turn. The dubstep community was small and the rest of the world either did not take notice or thought of them as a "weird electronica thing" that would soon pass away, well weren't they surprised when dubstep not only became big but became a part of everyone's lives. Sometimes you really don't know what will succeed and what will fail when it comes to art, dubstep started as an interesting experiment but it has evolved into something new now, something greater, it has spread and created various sub-genres within it, it spawned various artists and allowed for an expression within music that previously had never existed, thus deserving some respect.

    The issue found here is that now dubstep has become mainstream, it is being used in overtime, meaning, it's everywhere. It is tough finding a movie preview that does not include some sort of substep within it, the whole thing is becoming ridiculous, I wouldn't be surprised if soon we get a FOX News intro with dubstep in it, "*womp womp womp*'coming at 6, breaking news,' *womp womp womp* 'that will change your life' *womp womp*. You think this impossible? Well, it isn't. As soon as something becomes this mainstream it is sure to be picked up by everyone trying to "up" their ratings a little bit. The issue here and the cause for this post is that the name "dubstep" has been tainted by the amount of bad dubstep that is being used around us today, and that is sad really.

     Believe it or not but there is good dubstep out there, like legitimately good artists that have perfected the art of dubstep and taken dubstep to the next level, a true evolution to the art, and these artists should be not only commended for making dubstep sound awesome but shared, for good music should always be shared with everyone. Due to the heavy amounts of crap that is being produced some of you might think that good dubstep is an impossibility, well, here is my defense of dubstep, my first defense mind you, if you are still not convinced then I'll do a second post and take things to the next level, but for now I feel that these four artists defend the art nicely. Enjoy.

Mt Eden Dubstep: Sierra Leone

Kayne West - all the lights (pretty lights dubsted remix)

Booty Luv - Say It (Nero Remix)

Alex Clare - Too Close (By far my favorite, something very different and awesome)

And there you have it, this is where I take my stand in defending dubstep, I truly think artists that are following Alex Clare's example are changing the game completely and should be shared more often, remember that there is good dubstep out there. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

Love from your humble blogger,

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