Monday, August 6, 2012

The End To High School Reunions

    High School is an interesting place, you don’t really learn a ton, the whole construction behind High School is that you learn how to learn, you learn the social dramas you’re going to face for the rest of your life and basically in a general sense learn who you are and where you fit in this world. This transformation takes time and there is a very real distinct evolution that occurs in each and every student, even those that seem to not have evolved at all have done so, everyone takes something away from High School, some love it, some hate it, but in the end one thing is true for everyone, High School was a little preview of what you would face for the rest of your life. 

      This introduction to High School is important, the fact that through your four years you experience a bit of the world at large is a big deal and the people you share those experiences with become a large deal in your life later on. It’s not like you talk to everyone you knew in your class or that you particularly care about any of them but there is a thread there, a chord that keeps you all in touch and thus the High School reunions came about as a logical conclusion to this ever occurring phenomenon. High School reunions have always been a bit silly, there are always some people that care a ton about them and some people that could care less about them. There are those that have grown in stature and as people, and those that have wrecked their lives and clearly need help. In short it feels like you’re back in High School again. 

       The Concept behind a reunion was simple, after graduation the majority of your High School class will disperse and you won’t talk to them again, some will stick around and you’ll see them from time to time, and if you’re lucky like myself then you’ll remain close friends with your best friends from High School even years after graduation. The fact is that reunions where created so that people in the class could come together and catch up on life, where they could be whoever they choose to be and either mock the event or have fun with the event, the whole point was that you haven’t heard news about one another in years and want to catch up now. Even though High School Reunions are a good idea they can’t be executed anymore, they no longer are relevant, I predict that reunions will soon become a thing of the past. 

       The concept here is simple actually, reunions will soon be a thing of the past because of one life changing bit of advancement, Facebook. Social Networking has made the whole point of High School reunions become obsolete, everyone is connected to everyone and by the click of a button you can find out what they are doing with their lives, who they are married to, what job they have, where they studied, and if you feel like you can even have a conversation with them and learn all the grimy details about their personal life or marriage, the world got way small and reunions began to be unnecessary. Here’s something that would not surprise me one bit, Facebook High School reunions, I’ll be very surprised if this is not already happening on the site, it’s just the logical step, it’s convenient, simple, cheap and you only engage the people you really feel like engaging, sounds like a dream really. 

    High School reunions are kind of a drag, yeah there’s the element of seeing some people you really love and have missed over the years, yeah there’s the element of being able to catch up and have spouses being introduced to you and so forth but with Facebook in the picture all this meet and greet becomes redundant, someone will go “hey I just had a kid” and you’ll be thinking “yeah I know, you only posted 50 freaking pictures and blew up my feed with the little guy”, it just ruins the whole point, thus I propose the prediction that in coming generations reunions will be a thing of the past, because, well, they are a thing of the past, they are outdated and silly, specially with us all now being friends with each other and connected through social networking, the point is just not there anymore.

     Go go social networking, destroying bad traditions and allowing us to stay close with people we love and those we don’t all in one place in harmony. Hope you had a fantastic weekend and that this week might be awesome.

  Love from your humble blogger, 

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