Wednesday, March 16, 2011

YAGP!! NYC Finals!!!


So Danca was proud to sponsor the Youth American Grand Prix tournament in Brazil this year, and is extremely proud of all the 200+ Brazilian contestants that will be present in New York City in the next few days. So Danca has been actively sponsoring talented youths around the world in order to provide talented dancers from all around the globe an opportunity to be successful in their passions and receive the attention they deserve.
So Danca is proud to announce that it will be a major sponsor within YAGP: USA next year, again demonstrating our passion and devotion to the growth within the dance community.
            I’ll personally be present. The story will be covered next week on this blog so stay tuned for that article.
            We wish to give a warm salute to all of those that made it this far into the competition, and hope that everyone does well at the event.  
            The competition will be held from Thursday March 17th, till Tuesday March 22nd, for more information on the competition please go to:
                        For video on finalists from Brazil go to:
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