Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Come Together & Raise Awareness

 It is amazing how we all come together in times of conflict, be it a man made conflict or a nature made conflict. Through these situations mankind comes together and helps the parties in need, showing how great humanity can truly be.
            We at So Danca wanted to take this time to call attention to the continual crisis that Japan is undergoing, and hope that you may help increase awareness about the many needs in Japan right now. Be it a donation or simply raising awareness of the catastrophic events taking place, everyone can do something to help.
            There is a risk that Japan might be facing another earthquake in the next few days, and the added risk that is going on with their nuclear power plants. So please, if nothing else, pray for Japan and for this crisis to cease and for families there to be safe.
            We here within So Danca will be continuing to raise awareness about the many calamities going on, and will be praying for the many hurting families and friends suffering because of this tragedy.
  Love from your humble blogger,

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