Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Raising Hope In Japan

      With the increasing problems going on in Japan it has become difficult for the people within the country to see a ray of hope. The dance community has come together to provide with some aid and love during this time. We saw this in donations being given by various dance companies and studios, at YAGP we saw another demonstration of kindness as well when the judges gave scholarships away to Japanese students who had lost their homes.
      Another way to provide the people of Japan with hope and to demonstrate to them that we care and are praying for their situation is through kind messages.
      There is a friend of So Danca’s called Takayuki Iwata, he contacted us recently with a request that I wanted to pass on to you, our online community. Takayuki wants to put a list together of storeowners, studio owners, dancers (from children to adults), that would want to send an encouraging message to the people in Japan. The messages themselves don’t have to be bigger then a few sentences, and if you include a picture as well that would be great.
      If you could send me those to my email I’ll make sure that they get sent to Takayuki and passed around the members of our extended dance family in Japan.
     This is an easy way to contribute, it’ll take just a few seconds of your time but will make a great impact on the people that receive it and get to read your kind words of encouragement. It’s always good to receive encouragement.
      Let us come together and aid them in this time of sorrow. Words are powerful.
Email your words of encouragement and love to:

    Love from your humble blogger,

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