Tuesday, March 29, 2011

K.Y.B.U.: Music Edition


            So I’ve decided to occasionally do a separate topic that focuses more on engaging the readers to this blog and give you some introduction to myself, your humble blogger, going to call these entries “Know Your Blogger Unplugged” or “K.Y.B.U.” (yes, it’s a catchy and awesome title, thank you).
            Music is an enormous role within the dance industry. The choosing of songs for a recital is of crucial importance. It can mean the difference from a stellar performance to a tragedy within a stage. From working out, to riding in your car, music surrounds us and can change our mood from angry to calm, from sad to happy, and vice-versa.
            There are songs that move us, change us, mold us, and define us. Who doesn’t love to hear a good song that defines what you’re going through in life and sing along to it? I think we all do it, and those that say they don’t, well, I fail to understand how that can be the case, I’m sorry, try it sometime, it’ll change your life.
            Personally I have some specific songs that I know I can always put on that will cheer me up. Whenever I have a bad morning, or I need to clear my head, or I’m on a road trip and just want to do silly dances in the car after being on the road for ten hours (long trips will do strange things to you), these songs come back to me and affect my mood in the way that only music can.
            One of my favorite ‘silly dances’ song has to be “Someday” by the Strokes, that whole CD always makes me happy, but that specific song makes me forget about all the cars that are around me, all the stress and worries and just beckons me to dance in the car like no one is watching.
            I know I’m not alone out there, what songs affect you like this? Do you have a CD you listen to when you’re angry or when you’re sad, or when you need a pick me up to stay awake for that last part of work? Well let me know what you like. Post a comment on the bottom of this post or shoot me an email with your response, you can also post a comment on our facebook or twitter (basically making it simple for you, whatever medium you wish, send me a letter if you like, lol), I’m going to be making a selection of the best three responses and posting them here on Thursday.
            If you feel like it, then let me know who your favorite artists are as well, or artist. Personally I love the Foo Fighters. Went to various of their concerts in the past, the two best ones had to be Jimmy Eat World opening for Foo Fighters and the other one was May, opening for Weezer, who opened for Foo Fighters, they called it the Foozer concert, twas’ epic.
            Hope you guys are all having a great beginning of the week, and wish you all a great rest of the month,

                    Love from your humble blogger,

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