Friday, March 25, 2011

YAGP Review and Salutes

            The YAGP this year was filled with talent and So Danca is proud to announce that we will be one of the 2012 main sponsors. We were proud to see that one of the many dancers we sponsored won the main prize within the competition, and feel blessed to have been able to witness such amazing performances from the Stars Of Tomorrow and the Stars of Today.
            The Gala event was also brilliantly orchestrated and the performances were delightful, again demonstrating how far YAGP has come, while giving us an insight to how much bigger it will become as the years go by. It was great being within the event and getting to meet the many prestigious judges as well, it’s not every day one gets an opportunity to be surrounded by the leading men and women in the dance world.
            So Danca also wants to give praise to the many instructors that got their students ready for such an event. We feel that you also deserve credit for all the hard work and impact you had upon the dancers that you helped get to this point. They could not have gone so far without you. Your job is of crucial importance, providing the dancers with inspiration and guidance.
            We wanted to send praises to all the parents that were involved as well. Your support of the dance world is a crucial factor in the growth and development within the dance community. Without your devotion to your children’s dreams we would not be able to accomplish so much.
            The amount of Love demonstrated within the event is also worthy of highlight. I personally got goosebumps when I heard about this. The many directors of all the schools that were giving scholarships came together and provided all the dancers from Japan with scholarships to their respective academies, so that the students might be able to have a place to live. Even though their homes were destroyed, here we had the ability to witness companies keeping their dreams alive. This act of kindness brings a smile to my face. This was a great thing to witness.
            Tons more pictures were taken at the event and we will be posting them here shortly. We hope you all had a good week, and we look forward to next years YAGP, may it be even more successful then this years’ performance.

                     Love from your humble blogger,

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