Tuesday, March 8, 2011

R.W.: Elizabeth Davidson

            There are many disadvantages to being a sales representative, traveling a lot, being away from home for a while, eating lunch and dinner by yourself, all of these plague the lives of all sales reps. At So Danca we have a team of capable, hardworking men and women that assume the title of “sales reps”, they go out every month regardless of weather patterns, or sickness, and travel through the regions they are in charge of.
            These men and women work hard so that every storeowner receives all the attention they need and deserve, doing so with the utmost care and respect. They are So Danca’s “Road Warriors” and without them we could get nowhere.
            So Danca has been blessed with a great team throughout the world, every month I’ll be highlighting one of these ‘Road Warriors’ from our North American family. This is the least they deserve for all their hard work.
            This month’s warrior is Elizabeth Davidson, our rep in Canada. She handles the western region of the great country, driving through warm and cold weather while loving the scenery around her every step of the way.
            There are many benefits of being a sales rep, and being able to see the natural beauty of this planet we live in is one of them. Elizabeth was kind enough to send me some pictures of her latest trip. It is impossible to deny the beauty within these. 

            “One of the best parts of being the So Danca rep for BC, AB and SK is getting to see Western Canada in all the seasons, but bar none, the best scenery of any trip is the mountains. They change constantly - with the light and the seasons - it's a beautiful beginning and end to each trip to Alberta and Saskatchewan. Add in all the great people I get to see in between the beginning and end - and we call this work?”
        Elizabeth Davidson

      Elizabeth, we thank you for your hard work.

           Love from your humble blogger,

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