Monday, June 11, 2012

Best Of E3 2012: Top 5 Picks

  E3 is the biggest video game convention in the world, and it happens once a year. This is where the big companies (Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft) come together to battle it out in a battle royal to decide who will be the victor in the coming year. It is a time of revelations and surprises, a time where we get to take a look at upcoming games and new systems being unveiled, put simply, E3 is the gamers "NFL draft". This year we had Nintendo unleashing their new system upon the world the Wii U and though it does look pretty cool it did not steal the show. In fact none of the three big dogs stole the show this year, this year's E3 went to games, here are the top 5 games you should look forward to with anticipation, these were the titles that stole E3 and thus deserve your full respect. With each title we'll include a picture and a video so you can be amazed by the awesomeness of these titles.

 Assassin's Creed III

   There is no surprise here, the AC series has not disappointed. It was this series that perfected open world exploration and interaction, the ability to climb up buildings and blend with crowds seamlessly was unheard of until this game showed us how it is done. The Assassin's Creed series spawned two main games, two side games and a live action tie in between the first game and the second, in short this is a game you must play for sure. In AC III you will be playing in more familiar territories and will be helping the US in our fight for freedom, though the creators of the game were not speaking much on it in order to not include spoilers, they did hint to us fighting against both sides, something along the lines of "even on your own side sometimes there are people that will cause you to fail" type of mentality, this is not confirmed mind you, it is just something one can deduce after listening to the interviews. This is a game worth checking out for sure, watch the video and be amazed, it looks awesome. 

  Tomb Raider

   Lara Croft is back with a brand new look, and she is looking good. This game is revamping the series bringing the game back to its roots, the plot behind this game is that there is a shipwreck and young Lara is stuck on an island where she must learn to survive and mature, basically this is the game that defines who Lara is, this is where you find out what makes Lara be who she is, and it looks awesome. The game is going back to it's roots in that you'll be playing a survival instead of a straight puzzler, you'll still have puzzles and platforms but they will be more fluid and will make more sense, instead of random puzzles this will be your fight against surviving in nature, and nature is not something to be taken lightly. There is talk behind the scenes of this game inspiring a reboot of the movie series as well, if the movie follows this game concept and looks this awesome then the reboot will be a welcomed thing for sure. I cannot wait to play this game, it looks awesome.

    Watch Dogs

    This was a surprise to us all, no one knew this game was going to be introduced and everyone was cheering when the preview ended, it just rocked all our worlds. The game takes place in a world where a city's mass media information is managed by a super computer, thus all the private information of everyone within the city and the overall mechanics of the city are controlled by this super computer. You play an assassin who has power over this super computer being able to manipulate the environment at your will and find out anything you want about anyone around the city, the key thing here is data, the game is huge, super huge and gives you room to play it in your own way. You can listen in to other people's conversations in order to learn things about your target, you can manipulate stop lights, and more, the game is huge and we don't have all the details about it yet, but it definitely looks amazing, this game will blow our minds.


    Quantic Dream has not disappointed yet with any of their games, in the original Xbox they released "Indigo Prophecy" which was by far the most overlooked game in the system but was brilliant, the game was just simply ahead of its time by five years. When the next gen systems came out Quantic Dream released a PS3 only game called "Heavy Rain" which has a completion rate of over 70%, this completion rate is a huge deal, huge. In "Heavy Rain" you played a very realistic mystery game where you could do anything you wanted, and I mean anything, the game is so detailed that some have found themselves being lost trying to find things the game won't let you do. Quantic Dream's goal in their games is to deliver the most realistic game as possible, they focus on giving you the best graphics, the best story, and the easiest controls in order to keep you engaged in the story at all times. This time around they got Ellen Page to be their main character, focusing on facial structures and a more supernatural plot, there is much that can be said about this game but the video speaks for itself, watch it and let your mind be blown.

   The Last Of Us

    Post-apocalyptic games and movies have always had us captivated, there are a dozen of them around, but even though this game follows this ever familiar motif it is attempting to deliver a different twist to the genre. The game is a combination of "The Road", "Resident Evil" and "The Book Of Eli", it follows you and a girl you are protecting (your daughter?) as you fight against bad people, zombies and just try to survive on Earth after this zombie breakout took place. There isn't a lot of information being spread around about this game and besides the little things we see in the previews there isn't much else that we know about the game. Though this is the case this game is still blowing minds all around. It looks pristine, the plot is captivating and gameplay looks very fluid, it is definitely a game you should keep a close eye on throughout this year. Though there are other survival horror games coming out like "Resident Evil 6" that look good, this game blows them all out of the water by originality and graphics, it is a great addition to next year's line up.

  And there you have it, there were a ton of other news and games that came out of E3, these were our picks but you should definitely go on and look at their articles covering all that took place at E3, lots of good stuff. We hope you have a great week and pray that it might be a safe one.

(There is a lot more that can be said about the games and plots within them, for the sake of avoiding spoilers we've tried to just give a brief overview)

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