Friday, September 14, 2012

An Apology for an Old Post About Best Friends Dating Your Exs

   I recently learned that one of my previous posts offended some people that were involved with the post. It's interesting, I was unaware how many people actually read this blog that are part of my day to day life. I want to apologize for any hurt the post might have caused, it was not meant to injure any of you and I'm ashamed at myself that I wasn't more vague within my own post, I could have gone about constructing a post in a much more elaborate fashion on the subject instead of being so direct about it, as an instructional post for other people going through similar situations, I not only failed at writing a decent post but offended you all as well, for that I am truly and sincerely sorry. I apologize from the bottom of my heart that this has caused any harm to any of you. Please know that this will never occur again and that I count this as a life lesson, I was not only wrong but I see now how appalling the whole post was, please accept my sincere remorse,  the post has been deleted and will never surface again.

    honestly and from the heart,

         Mario Ransan

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