Wednesday, April 4, 2012

NCAA BBall Comes To A Close and Baseball Season Begins!

      So the first week of April is upon us and already there have been many events that caught the worlds attention happen, specially those that follow college basketball and have awaited for baseball restlessly during the season. Of course there are more things that occurred these past two days, some good, some bad, but college basketball is a huge deal in the United States, for some reason it is the one of the most taken seriously sports in the US, schools get out after victories, everywhere you go in town there are school flags and discounts for students, it's an all out love for the sport. Hence why we couldn't not reserve an article just for these celebratory moments, these are important events though fleeting they still hold something special within them and should be celebrated.

       To start us off we must tip our hats to Kentucky for defeating Kansas, it was predicted that they would but many hoped that that would not be the case. The game itself was really good, Kansas put up a fight but they did not play their best, hence the loss. The horrid nightmare of playing someone like Kentucky is that in order to win you cannot make mistakes, specially consecutive mistakes, you need to play your best and hope that they play their worse game in the season, its a tough thing to do, and no one is mad at the Kansas team they played like champions it was too bad that they lost. A great win for Kentucky though, with their good season and all, too bad you'll be losing so many players to the NBA draft, hopefully it won't damage the team too much.

     We must also celebrate Baylor's lady Bears for their 19 point victory over Notre Dame, this was the 40th undefeated game for the Bears in the season breaking the NCAA record for most games won in a season 40-0. Baylor University is having an amazing year in sports, with RG3 winning the Heisman, the boys basketball team getting to the elite eight and losing to Kentucky who won the tournament, the lady Bears having an undefeated season and now there are rumors that their baseball team is also packet with talent, guess we'll just have to wait and see on that one, we congratulate anyone over at Baylor, truly you've been having a great year.

    We can't not talk about baseball season officially starting this week, though there were the two games on the weekend, today is when everyone else starts playing. Today's big game being between the Cardinals and the Miami Marlins, which is the big champion versus the new favorite rookie. Since the Marlins were bought last year they have gotten a very good team together, from management to players everything is looking good, thus many commentators have begun to speculate about how they will make it to the playoffs this year, some have even said that the Marlins will win the World Series Tournament, we feel that that is a little too soon to say and a very bold guess, which we think would be fun if it came true.

    And there you have it, consider yourself updated, there are a ton of things happening this month so if sports aren't your bag do not worry, there are a ton of things to talk about still. We hope your week has been going well, and pray for those going home during this Easter break that you may have safe travels.

Love from your humble blogger,

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