Monday, April 2, 2012

NCAA Basketball Finals, TMNT, and top 2 April Fools Net Jokes

    The month of April has just started and there are tons of things going on, from March Madness to drama over movies, to finally getting a response about Mass Effect 3 from Bioware, to getting closer to our expected awesome Summer movies, to getting to experience some pretty awesome April Fools jokes in the net yesterday, April is shaping out to be a good month. First things first though how could we start a post about April without talking about the March Madness finals today, surely it will be an epic game. We also have to lift our hats up to the lady Bears and Notre Dame who made it to the NCAA women's championship. Baylor being the favorite there with an undefeated season, but finals are always tough therefore there is no telling who will rise to the occasion to win this game.

    Kentucky vs Kansas will be playing in the March Madness finals tonight and hopefully it'll be a game to remember. This March has been absurd, schools that should have gone farther lost in the first round, upsets in every corner and deep rivalries coming head to head, it's been a really fun tournament overall. The favorite to win tonight is Kentucky obviously with an amazing team, but if Kansas plays like they did two Sundays ago they could easily stand a chance at winning the title. For sure though we have to mention that is Kansas plays like they did this past Saturday then there is no way that they will take the title, Louisville played the best against Kentucky and gave us one of the closest games versus Kentucky in this whole tournament providing the whole league with an example of how one needs to play in order to defeat them, if you missed it, then we recommend that you catch some replays. For sure this year's March Madness was epic and tonight's game will surely continue the epicness we've seen occur this entire tournament.

    The next bit of news if about 2 weeks old, though we fear that some of you have no idea that this is happening thus the need for us to bring this up. There is a big controversy going on right now with Michael Bay's new rendition of the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" where he has decided that they will no longer be mutated turtles from Earth but actually part of an alien race that comes to take over Earth but the four rebel and save the Earth from their own people. This was obviously a huge deal in the fan community of the series, even worse though is the fact that this show has been around for a long long time, so Bay not only had to face the wrath of the new audience of the show but the old audience as well. So far there has been no backtrack to this statement and the movie is still in production, the creators of the show have backed Bay and stated that this will bring the story together, but this has not helped Bay's press at all, bringing the creators in was a good touch but a foolish one, the Internet wasn't kind to George Lucas when he changed his work, what made Bay think that the Internet would be kind to the TMNT creators escapes us. Anyway the movie is set to release next year under the title "Ninja Turtles", surely we'll hear more about the movie before then so stay tuned for more news later on.

    As for April fools day, we think that Google took the gold, Google always has really funny April fools videos, and this year was no exception.

    In second place we thought this parody of the Xbox 360 Kinect using "Assassin's Creed" was brilliant, the Kinect is a motion sensor device used for games, it's kind of silly and hasn't become a huge thing yet, maybe in the years to come it might that more precedence, that is if technology aids it.

   April is shaping out to be a really fun month, though we understand that many of you have finals coming up in the horizon, thus we will keep you all in our prayers, and remember to take some breaks in between life to enjoy what is around you, don't rush and don't let school get you down :)

   We hope you're Monday is a great one and pray that this week will be fantastic,

Love from your humble blogger,

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